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Detroit Financial Review Commission

The Financial Review Commission (FRC) is responsible for oversight of the City of Detroit and the Detroit Public Schools Community District. It ensures both are meeting statutory requirements, reviews and approves their budgets, and establishes programs and requirements for prudent fiscal management, among other roles and responsibilities.
The FRC was initially created on November 12, 2014, to provide oversight of the City beginning on December 10, 2014. It began its oversight of the Community District on June 21, 2016.
The FRC members include five member appointed by the Governor and six ex officio members, which are the State Treasurer, the designee of the Director of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, the Mayor and City Council President of the City of Detroit, and the Superintendent and School Board Chairperson of the Detroit Public Schools Community District. Members serve
Contact Information
Financial Review Commission
Cadillac Place
3062 West Grand Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-456-4796
David Nicholson, Grosse Pointe
Nominee of the Speaker of the House
Term ends Nov. 9, 2020


Stacy Fox, Detroit
Nominee of the Senate Majority Leader
Term ends Nov. 9, 2021
John Walsh, Livonia
Term ends Nov. 9, 2022
Dr. John Barnwell, Detroit
Term ends Nov. 9, 2023
Ronald Rose, Birmingham
Term ends Nov. 9, 2024
Statutory Members
Mayor of the City of Detroit
President of the Detroit City Council
Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District
School Board Chairperson of Detroit Public Schools Community District