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Education Achievement Authority

The Education Achievement System was unveiled in June 2011 as a way to redesign public education in Michigan's lowest performing schools by driving more resources directly into their classrooms and offering greater autonomy to help ensure student achievement increases. The system is governed by the 11-member Education Achievement Authority Board, with two members appointed by DPS, two members appointed by (EMU) and seven members appointed by the governor. Members serve at the pleasure of the respecting appointing authority. The EAS was created by an inter-local agreement between Eastern Michigan University and Detroit Public Schools


Five members of the board will make up the executive committee comprised of one board member selected by DPS, one member selected by EMU and three members selected by the governor. The executive committee will select a chancellor for the system.


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Contact Information


Tyrone E. Winfrey, Sr.

Chief of Staff

Education Achievement Authority
Phone: (313) 456-3010

Fax: (313) 456-3011