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Electrical Administrative Board

The Electrical Administrative Board was created by 1956 PA 217. The Board makes recommendations for electrical code rules; grants annual licenses and certificates to qualified applicants; and make all orders, rules, and regulations necessary for the enforcement and carrying out of the provisions of the act.

The Board consists of the state fire marshal or his or her designee and nine other members. Board members each serve 4-year terms. Appointments are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.




Contact Information

BCC Boards & Commissions
PO Box 30254
Lansing, MI  48909
517/241-9570 (facsimile)


Repesenting an insurance inspection bureau operating in this state
Term expires 8/10/20
Joseph Gillespie, Newaygo
Representing the general public
Term expires 7/31/21
Donald Iverson, Mason
Representing electrical parts manufacturers operating in this state
Term expires 7/31/21
Mashell Carissimi, St. Clair Shores
Representing electrical contractors
Term expires 8/10/21
Aaron Cooper, Middleville
Representing master electricians serving as supervisor

Term expires 7/31/22

Robert Werbrouck, Wyoming
Representing electrical journeymen
Term expires 7/31/22

Matthew Wolterstorff, Ada
Representing electrical parts distributors 
Term expires 7/31/22
Keith Kurdziel, Holt
Representing an electrical energy supply agency operating in this state
Term expires 7/30/24
Edward Scott Weaver, Sunfield - Chair
Representing a chief electrical inspector of a municipality
Term expires 7/30/24

Kevin Sehlmeyer
State Fire Marshal