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Ferris State University Board of Trustees

The University shall be governed by a board of control (the "Board"), which shall be called the Board of Trustees. Each member of the Board shall be referred to as a "Trustee." The Board shall be a body corporate. The Board shall have general control, supervision, and management of the University and control and direction of all expenditures from the funds of the University.
The Board shall consist of eight members, who shall hold office for terms of eight years, not more than two of which shall expire in the same year. The Trustees shall be appointed by the Governor and appointments are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate. 



Contact Information

Karen Huisman
Secretary to the Board and Administrative Assistant to the President
1201 South State Street
CSS 301
Big Rapids, 49307
Phone: (231) 591-2505


Ana Ramirez-Saenz, Rockford
Term expires 12/31/22

Rupesh Srivastana, Franklin Village
Term expires 12/31/22
Amna Seibold, East Grand Rapids
Term expires 12/31/24
LaShanda Thomas, Grosse Pointe
Term expires 12/31/24
Kari Sederburg, East Lansing
Term expires 12/31/26
Kurt Hofman, Grand Rapids
Term expires 12/31/26
George K. Heartwell, III, Newaygo
Term expires 12/31/28
Ronald E. Snead, Sr., Stanwood
Term expires 12/31/28