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Health Endowment Fund Board

The Michigan Health Endowment Fund Board was created though passage of Public Act 4 of 2013, effective March 19. The Fund Board is being established as a result of the new law creating the nonprofit Health Care Corporation Reform Act, which authorizes certain changes on how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan operates in this state. The new law permits BCBSM to establish and operate as a nonprofit domestic mutual insurer and requires the company to contribute up to $1.56 billion over 18 years to a new Health Endowment Fund. The Fund's purpose is to benefit health and wellness through funding of programs for minor children and seniors through the state with a significant focus on infant mortality, wellness and fitness programs, access to healthy food, technology enhancements, health-related transportation needs and foodborne illness prevention.
The new law requires a nine person board to administer the Health Endowment Fund. The law states that individuals ineligible to serve on the board include employees or board members of a health care corporation, lobbyists affiliated with a health care corporation, employees of a health insurer or health provider, and third party administrators of a health care corporation. Members serve without compensation. Appointments are for four year-terms and are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.  


Public Act 350 of 1980, MCL 550.1652

Contact Information

Juile Skubik
Executive Assistant, Health Endowment Fund
300 Marshall Street, Suite 200
Lansing, Michigan 48912
Phone: 517-374-0031

Current Members

Tim Damschroder, Ann Arbor
Represents the general public

term expires 10/1/21

Keith Pretty, Midland
Represents the general public

term expires 10/1/21

Rob Fowler, Haslett
Represents the business community  

term expires 10/1/21

Susan Jandernoa, West Olive
Recommended by the Speaker of the House of Representatives
term expires 10/1/23
Tina Reynolds, East Lansing
Nominee of the Senate Minority Leader

term expires 10/1/23
Zaineb A. Hussein, Dearborn Heights
Nominee of the House Minority Leader

term expires 10/1/23

Kathryn Boles, Grand Blanc
Represents the interests of senior citizens
term expires 10/1/24

Henry Veenstra, Zeeland
Nominee of the Senate Majority Leader
term expires 10/1/24

Michael Williams, Westland 
Represents the interests of minor children
term expires 10/1/24