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Health Information Technology Commission

The Michigan Health Information Technology (HIT) Commission was created by PA 137 of 2006. The HIT Commission is housed within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The Commission's mission is to facilitate and promote the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of an interoperable health care information infrastructure in Michigan.


HITC homepage and meeting information



Public Act 368 of 1978, MCL 333.2503


Contact Information:

Kenneth Wirth

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Phone: 517-335-0302 | Email:


Current Members:

Jack Harris, Lansing

Designee of the Director of DTMB


Beth Nagel, Lansing

Designee of the Director of DHHS


Heather Somand, Ann Arbor

Represents pharmacists

Term expires 8/3/22


Nicholas D'Isa, Haslett

Represents health plans or other party payers

Term expires 8/3/22


Marissa Ebersole-Wood, Plymouth

Represents nonprofit health care corporations operating pursuant to the nonprofit health care corporation reform act, 1980 PA 350, MCL 550.1101 to 550.1703

Term expires 8/3/22


Jim VanderMey, Byron Center

Represents the health information technology field

Term expires 8/3/22  


Paul LaCasse, West Bloomfield

Represents doctors of osteopathic medicine and surgery

Term expires 8/3/23  


Michael Zaroukian, Okemos

Represents doctors of medicine

Term expires 8/3/23  


Renee Smiddy, Howell

Represents the general public

Term expires 8/3/23  


Allison Brenner, Plymouth

Represents the pharmaceutical industry

Term expires 8/3/24  


Heather Wilson, Pickney

Represents hospitals

Term expires 8/3/25  


Norman J. Beauchamp, Grand Rapids

Represents schools of medicine in Michigan

Term expires 8/3/25


Camille Walker Banks, Southfield

Represents purchasers or employers

Term expires 8/3/25