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Local Community Stabilization Authority Council

Effective October 1, 2014: The Metro Extension Telecommunications Rights-of-Way Oversight Authority no longer exists. It is now part of the Local Community Stabilization Authority (LCSA) pursuant to Public Act 88 and Public Act 86 of 2014. 
The five-member council is the governing body of the Local Community Stabilization Authority. The new authority replaces the existing METRO Authority, which has been responsible for coordinating access to public rights-of-way and the payment of maintenance fees by telecommunications providers to municipalities since 2002. In addition to the METRO Authority functions, the new authority will be responsible for distributing personal property tax replacement revenue to municipalities throughout the state according to specific statutory formulas. The authority was created when Proposal 1 passed in August of 2014. 
Contact Information:
Robert Bruner, LCSA administrator
(517) 885-3644
Scott Erbisch, Marquette
Term expires 9/3/21
Devid Keenan, Auburn
Term expires 9/3/22
Steven Ezikian, Howell
Term expires 9/3/23
Donald Rogers, Coldwater
Term expires 9/3/24
Susan Dabaja, Dearborn - Chair
Term expires 9/3/25