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MI-STEM Council

The MiSTEM Advisory Council created under section 99s of The State School Aid Act of 1979, 1979 PA 94, as amended, MCL 388.1699s, is transferred by Type III transfer to the Department and is abolished.
The Michigan Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Advisory Council (MI-STEM) consists of business, higher education, K-12 education, and philanthropic leaders. It was created by the Michigan Legislature in 2019 to make recommendations that will help make Michigan a world leader in STEM education. The MI-STEM Council will publish recommendations annually. 
The 15 member council was created to advise the governor, legislature, the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and the Department of Education with recommendations designed to improve and promote innovation and collaboration in STEM education and prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The council shall recommend a statewide strategy for delivering STEM education-related opportunities to pupils and objective criteria for determining preferred STEM programs and make recommendations to the governor and the legislature. 




Mary K. Bacon, Paris
Term expires 9/30/21
Wendy A. Winston, Grand Rapids
Term expires 9/30/21
Lee Graham, Holly
Term expires 9/30/22
Tonya M. Matthews, Ph.D., Detroit
Term expires 9/30/22
Adam F. Zemke, Ypsilanti 
Term expires 9/30/22
Daniel Williams, Ph.D., Grand Rapids
Term expires 9/30/23
Jacqueline Huntoon, Ph.D., Houghton
Term expires 9/30/23
Gail S. Alpert, West Bloomfield
Term expires 9/30/24
Christian A. Velasquez, Midland
Term expires 9/30/24
Michelle Richard, Chair
LEO Director or designee
Sheila Alles
MDE Superintendent or designee
Senator Dayna Polehanki
Senate Minority Designee
Senator Dale Zorn
Senate Majority Designee
Representative Padma Kuppa
House Minority Designee
Representative Brad Paquette 
House Majority Designee