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Michigan Aeronautics Commission

The Michigan Aeronautics Commission is responsible for the general supervision of all aeronautics within the state. It is empowered by state law to make rules and regulations governing all airports, flight schools, and other aeronautical activities.
The commission consists of four statutory members who include the directors of the Departments of Transportation, Natural Resources, State Police, and Military and Veterans Affairs, and five members appointed by the Governor to four-year terms. Additionally, the Department of Transportation's Executive Administrator for the Office of Aeronautics is designated director of the commission. Appointments are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.


Contact Information

Fax: (517) 321-6522
Phone: (517) 335-9568
Michigan Aeronautics Commission
Executive Assistant


Kelly Burris, Pleasant Ridge
Term ends 5/27/23

Brian Smith, Grand Ledge
Term ends 5/27/23
Benjamin Carter, Farmington Hills
Term ends 5/27/24
Rick Fiddler, Ada
Term ends 5/27/24
Russell Alan Kavalhuna, Dearborn
Term ends 5/27/25

Brig. Gen. Bryan J. Teff
Designee of Maj. Gen. Paul Rogers, Director of DMVA
F/LT. Brian Bahlau
Designee of Col. Jes Gasper, Director of MSP
Kevin Jacobs
Designee of Dan Eichinger, Director of DNR
Laura J. Mester
Designee of Paul Ajegba, Director of MDOT
Mike Trout
Director of Michigan Aeronautics Commission