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Michigan Craft Beverage Council

The Michigan Craft Beverage Council replaced the Grape and Wine Industry Council created by Executive Reorganization Order No. 2014-2. The Council will award grants for research into winemaking, hops, barley, beer and spirits; conduct market surveys and analysis; and offer other programs that encourage the agricultural elements related to Michigan's craft beverage industries. The council's activities are funded exclusively by non-retail, non-wholesale liquor license fees.
The Council is comprised of nine members appointed by the Governor. Members serve three-year terms.



Contact Information

Jenelle Jagmin
Director, Michigan Craft Beverage Council
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
P.O. Box 30017
Lansing, MI 48909-7517
Phone: (517) 284-5742
Fax: (517) 335-0628


Sean Black, Grand Rapids
Representing retail food establishments that hold a specifically designated merchant license and sell Michigan wines or beer
Term expires 9/30/22
Robert Jacobson, Ann Arbor
Representing wine makers
Term expires 9/30/22
Zachary Owen, Temperance
Representing distillers that manufacture more than 60,000 gallons of spirits per year
Term expires 9/30/22
Michael Chetcuti
Representing restaurants that hold a Class C license and serve Michigan wines, beer or sprits
Term expires 9/30/23
Scott Graham, Lansing
Representing micro brewers or brewpub license holders
Term expires 9/30/23
Representing large brewers
Term expires 9/30/23
Jessica Youngblood, Ray
Representing wine makers
Term expires 9/30/24
Michael Beck, St. Johns
Representing wine makers that primarily manufacture cider
Term expires 9/30/23
H. Richard Anderson, Thompsonville
Representing small distillers
Term expires 9/30/24