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Michigan Employment Relations Commission

The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) resolves labor disputes involving public and private sector employees by appointing mediators, arbitrators and fact finders, conducting union representation elections, determining appropriate bargaining units, and adjudicating unfair labor practice cases.  MERC, supported by the staff of the Bureau of Employment Relations, administers three statutes:
The Public Employment Relations Act (PERA)- a labor relations statute which grants all public employees within the state of Michigan, excluding classified civil service employees of the state and federal government, the right to organize and be represented by labor organizations of their choice.
The Labor Relations and Mediation Act (LMA), a statute regulating collective bargaining relationships between private sector unions and small private sector employers not falling within the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Act.
The Compulsory Arbitration Act (312)- a statute providing for compulsory binding arbitration of labor-management disputes involving public safety employees.
The commission consists of 3 commissioners appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the senate. A commissioner shall be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the state, and shall have been a qualified elector in the state for a period of at least 5 years next preceding appointment. Members of the commission shall be selected so as to insure that not more than 2 members represent any one political party. 



Contact Information

(Mr.) Sidney McBride
Mediation Supervisor
Phone: (313) 456-3417
Detroit Office:
Ruthanne Okun - Director 
Bureau of Employment Relations
Cadillac Place
3026 W. Grand Boulevard, Suite 2-750
PO Box 02988
Detroit, MI 48202-2988
General Information- Voice: (313) 456-3510
Fax: (313)456-3511
Lansing Office:
Bureau of Employment Relations
Lansing, MI 48909
Mason Building, Garden Level
503 W. Allegan
General Information- Voice: (517) 373-3580
Fax: (517) 334-9716


Bob LaBrant, Perry (R)
Term expires 6/30/21
William F. Young, Spring Lake (D)
Term expires 6/30/22
Tinamarie Pappas, Ferndale (D), Chair
Term expires 6/30/23