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Michigan State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision

The Interstate Compact for Juveniles is a formal agreement between member states with the goal of preserving child welfare and promoting public safety interests of citizens, including victims of juvenile offenders. The Interstate Commission for Juveniles is empowered to monitor compliance with the interstate compact and its rules, and where warranted, initiate interventions to address and correct noncompliance. Executive Order 2013-5, creates the State Council which will oversee the intrastate affairs dealing with the Interstate Compact.  The Council provides a mechanism for empowerment of the compact process, and serves as an advocate when improving operations, resolving disputes between states, and conducting training.  One of the primary responsibilities of the State Council is to recommend changes to compact rules or make comments on proposed rules. These recommendations are presented on behalf of Michigan at the annual meeting.  The Council will be comprised of five individuals: one representing the Executive Branch, one representing crime victims, one representing the Legislature, one representing the Judiciary Branch, and one person serving as the Compact Administrator.
All of the members will be appointed by the Governor with the exception of the legislative representative.  Members appointed by the Governor shall serve four-year terms. The legislative representative shall by selected by the Legislative Council and serve a two-year term.  



Current Members:

Sen. Tom Barrett, Potterville
Represents the legislative branch, term expires 10/01/21
John Tomlinson, Fort Gratiot
Represents the Judiciary Branch, term expires 2/12/22

Johanna Marie Delp, Grosse Pointe Park
Represents Crime Victims, term expires 4/12/22
Roy Yaple, Brighton
Represents the Compact Administrator, term expires 2/12/24
Jayshona Hicks, Southfield
Represents the Executive Branch, term expires 2/12/24
Ad Hoc Member:

Michael Tymkew
Represents ICJ Designee