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Michigan Veterans' Trust Fund Board of Trustees

The Michigan Veterans Trust Fund was created in 1946 from $50 million in postwar reserve funds. In 1996, the Veterans Trust Fund was provided additional protection by being added to the State Constitution with voter approval of Proposal C. The Veterans Trust Fund was established to provide grants for the emergency needs of veterans.  The Veterans Trust Fund, utilizing approximately $2 million of interest earnings from the trust, administers the Emergency Grant Program. Emergency Grants are available to honorably discharged war time service veterans and their dependents during times of unforeseen and short-term financial emergencies or hardships. Veterans Trust Fund grant policies and adjudication, county committee appointments and expenditure from trust earnings are governed by this board. Appointees serve 3-year terms.

Veterans Trust Fund Board of Directors homepage and meeting information



Contact Information

Lindell Holm
Director, Michigan Veterans Trust Fund
Work: 517.284.5200

Current Members
Barry Wood, Hastings
Represents the American Legion
Term ends 2/25/22
Paul McIvor, Yale
Represents Veterans of Foreign Wars
Term ends 2/25/22
James Dempsey, Dexter
Represents Disabled American Veterans
Term expires 2/25/23
Thomas M. Smith, Grosse Pointe 
Independent Veterans
Term ends 2/25/23
Carol Hebert, Roscommon
Representing war veterans of any other congressionally chartered veterans' organization not mentioned in PA 9 of 1946
Term ends 2/25/23

Edward Hirsch, Farmington Hills
Represents Independent Veterans
Term ends 2/25/24
Jill R. Matthews, Muskegon Heights

Represents Independent Veterans

Term ends 2/25/24