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Municipal Stability Board

Created by the Protecting Local Government Retirement and Benefits Act, the Municipal Stability Board is housed within the Michigan Department of Treasury and was created to review and update a list of best practices and strategies that will assist an underfunded local unit of government in developing a corrective action plan, and to review and vote on the approval of an action plan submitted by a local unit of government. The board is comprised of three members appointed by the Governor: one resident of this state representing state officials, one resident of this state representing local officials, and one resident of this state representing employees and retirees.



Eric Scorsone, Dewitt
Representing State Officials
Term Expires 5/1/22
Robert Cinabro, Kalamazoo
Representing Employees and Retirees
Term Expires 5/1/24
John Lamerato, Sterling Heights
Representing Local Officials
Term Expires 5/1/25