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Organized Retail Crime Advisory Board

PA 455 of 2012 establishes the Organized Retail Crime Advisory Board. The duties of the Board shall be to develop a database of organized retail crimes, to compile annual statistics on organized retail crime acts, to recommend actions to be taken by the department and law enforcement to further combat organized retail crime, and to submit an annual report to the director of the department on the effectiveness of this act in reducing organized retail crime.

The Board shall consist of one member who is a county prosecuting attorney or an assistant county prosecuting attorney, one member who is a representative of a city, village, or township police department or of a county sheriff department, the State Attorney General or his or her designated representative, one member who is recommended by the Michigan Retailers Association, one member who is a member of the general public, and the director of the department of state police or his or her designated representative.
6 Members, 4 are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate for terms of 4 years.


Ms. Jamie Hansen
Senior Executive Management Assistant
     to D/F/Lt. Chris Hawkins, Acting Commander
Special Investigation Division
Michigan State Police
Office:  517-284-3253
Cell:  517-388-8885

Current Members

Vernon L. Coakley, Jr., of Kalamazoo
Represents a city, village, or township police department or a county sheriff department, term expires 3/30/25 

Amy Drumm, Lansing
Represents the Michigan Retailers Association, term expires 3/30/25

Douglas Lloyd, Lansing
Represents county prosecutors, term expires 3/30/25

Shannon Simon, Byron Center
Represents the general public, term expires 3/30/25