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State of Michigan Investment Board

The state pension plan governance structure was changed from a sole fiduciary model to a board model. This shifted fund investment responsibilities from the state treasurer to the new State of Michigan Investment Board, created within the Michigan Department of Treasury. The board is comprised of the state treasurer, who will serve as the board's chairperson, the state budget director, and three individuals, with institutional investment or extensive financial experience, appointed by the governor to serve four-year terms. Appointed board members have conflict of interest restrictions, precluding business relationships with the state pension plans and must sign an ethics policy.
James Nicholson, Detroit
Term Expires 11/26/2021
Reginald Sanders, Portage
Term Expires 11/26/2022
Dina Richard, Northville
Term Expires 11/26/2024
Rachel Eubanks - Chair
State Treasurer
Chris Harkins
State Budget Director