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State Survey and Remonumentation Commission

Pursuant to Public Act 166 of 2014, the State Survey and Remonumentation Commission shall consult with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and shall create and distribute a model county plan that may be adopted by a county with any changes appropriate for that county.
The Board is comprised of seven members appointed by the Governor, four surveyors, one grant administrator, and two general public members. After initial staggered terms, members serve four-year terms and appointments are subject the consent of the Senate.
LARA-BCC Boards and Commissions
PO Box 30254
Lansing, MI  48909
517/241-9570 (facsimile)
Andrew Hartwick, Shelbyville
Represents the general public
Term expires 10/20/21
William Karr, Pickford
Represents surveyors from the Upper Peninsula
Term expires 10/20/21
Karen Hahn, Big Rapids
Represents grant administrators
Term expires 10/20/22
Jack Owens, Roscommon
Represents surveyors at large
Term expires 10/20/22
Morris Thomas, Lansing
Represents the general public
Term expires 10/20/23
Victoria Brown, Leland
Represents surveyors from the Northern Lower Peninsula
Term expires 10/20/24
Amy Klann, Dryden
Represents surveyors from the Lower Peninsula
Term expires 10/20/24