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Wetland Advisory Council

The Wetland Advisory Council (Council) was created in 2009 through amendments to Part 303, Wetlands Protection, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, for the purpose of evaluating Michigan's wetland program and providing recommendations for improvement to the Governor, the Legislature and the department.


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Public Act 451 of 1994, MCLA 324.30329




Joseph Rivet, Council Chair

Representing the association of drain commissioners


Jeff Auch

Representing a conservation district

Term ends 12/14/12


Dan Coffey

Representing the statewide association of realtors


Gary Dawson

Representing natural gas or electric utilities

Term ends 12/14/12


Sue Elston

Representing the United States Environmental Protection Agency


Randy Gross

Representing the statewide association of manufacturers


Susan Harley

Representing statewide environmental protection organizations


Tom Hickson

Representing the statewide association of local units of government


Jeff King

Representing a wetland professional who regularly submits permit applications

Term ends 12/14/12


Erin McDonough

Representing statewide conservation organizations


John Niemela

Representing the general public

Term ends 12/14/12


Chris Reidy

Representing USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service


Lee Schwartz

Representing the statewide association of home builders


Steve Shine

Representing the Michigan Department of Agriculture


Mindy Koch, Deputy Director

Representing the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment


Grenetta Thomassey

Representing watershed organizations

Term ends 12/14/12


Donald Uzarski

Representing university professor with wetland science expertise

Term ends 12/14/12


Scott Piggott

Representing the largest statewide farm organization


Todd Wyett

Representing businesses

Term ends 12/14/12


John Konik

Liaison from the United States Army Corps of Engineers