Work Zone Safety Task Force

Work Zone Safety Task Force

  • As a partnership between MDOT and the heavy construction industry in Michigan, the Work Zone Safety Task Force will work together to advance the effort of looking at ways to go above and beyond the current mode of operations to make work zone safety an even greater aspect of our culture.

    Goal: Putting SAFETY FIRST in Michigan's work zones!

About the Task Force

  • Work Zone Wednesday SignThe Work Zone Safety Task Force is responsible for:

    • Setting direction and enabling implementation of work zone safety recommendations.
    • Ensuring the timely closure of work zone safety issues.
    • Being the catalyst for changing work zone safety culture.
    • Helping to remove barriers to implementation and providing suggestions for other options.

    The task force is co-chaired by Tony Kratofil from MDOT and Mike Malloure from C.A. Hull.

    It has seven action teams with over 90 team members. Each action team is led by one MDOT and one industry representative with equal representation from contractors and MDOT. Additional memebers on the teams may include other state agencies, consulting engineers, designers and other industry partners. 

Action Teams

Action Teams

  • Police Icon

    Team 1

    To influence driver compliance by consistently enforcing work zone safety laws.

    Team Leads:
    Kim Avery
    Rob Coppersmith

  • Mobility

    Team 2

    To establish a strong balance between maintenance of work zone safety and motorist mobility.

    Team Leads:
    Steve Brink
    Aden Shea

  • Project Management

    Team 3

    To maintain flexibility throughout project lifecycles to incorporate work zone safety.

    Team Leads:
    Craig Heidelberg
    Ryan O'Donnell

  • Work Zone Education

    Team 4

    To educate stakeholders at all levels regarding work zone safety.

    Team Leads:
    Brian Morley
    Mike Cagle
    Rick Becker

  • Work Zone Safety Social Media Icon

    Team 5

    To promote work zone safety through consistent marketing and targeted messaging.

    Team Leads:
    Lindsey Renner
    Mike DeFinis

  • Hard Hat Icon

    Team 6

    To develop a strong, positive and consistent statewide work zone safety culture.

    Team Leads:
    Mike Malloure
    Greg Johnson
    Tom Fox

  • Technology Icon

    Team 7

    To facilitate the use of new technology to improve work zone safety.

    Team Leads:
    Craig Innis
    Marc VanTil