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MI School Data is the place to discover what is working in Michigan education.

It is the state of Michigan's official portal for education data to help citizens, educators and policy makers make informed decisions that can lead to improved success for our students.

Flexible & Simple. MI School Data is flexible and simple to use. It offers handy dashboards with key education metrics, or you can build your own reports to answer questions like these:
  • How do my school's 3rd grade reading scores compare to the overall state scores?
  • Are our high school graduates going to college? Are we preparing them well?
  • Are we meeting the needs of all Michigan students equally, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity? Whether they're disabled or learning English? Migrant or homeless?
  • Is poverty a factor in student success?
  • Which educational programs and policies make a difference in student success?
  • Is my school on sound financial footing?
  • Are our teachers well prepared?
  • Do our community college students do well after transferring to a 4-year college?
MI School Data offers multiple levels and views for statewide, intermediate school district, district, school, and college level information. The data is presented in graphs, charts, trend lines and downloadable spreadsheets to support meaningful evaluation and decision making.

Safe & Secure. MI School Data is safe and secure. The data are collected using unique identification coding that enables more useful analysis than aggregate counts, while protecting student privacy. The site uses security protocols as well as cell suppression, meaning that if report settings result in very small or large numbers that could identify an individual, the data are not displayed. Schools and colleges can grant secure rights to those in their employ who need access to more reports and more detailed reports in order to tailor instruction and/or evaluate programs. (For more details, see How CEPI  Protects Education Data).

Longitudinal Data. MI School Data is a product of Michigan's Statewide Longitudinal Data System (MSLDS).This system lets us connect data in powerful ways-grade to grade, school to school, level to level. It lets us connect seemingly disparate data like school finance, test scores, teacher preparation, gender and race, courses and grades, graduation rates, college enrollment, school lunch eligibility, career and tech programs, special education and gifted programs. These connections, which span from early childhood into the workforce, help ensure we're meeting the needs of all Michigan students. And they tell us which policies and programs work.

Accountability & Transparency. MI School Data supports Michigan's government standards of accountability - the citizen's right to know if and how our schools are meeting the educational needs of our children, and transparency - information that is easy to access and easy to understand. Most importantly, by helping us understand where to focus our efforts, MI School Data supports our shared goal of every Michigan student being college or career ready.

Governance & Partners. CEPI is grateful to the many partners and stakeholders that help define how to collect the data as well as how to deliver the data. They include the P-20 SLDS Advisory Council, Michigan Department of Education, Macomb Intermediate School District, President's Council-State Universities of Michigan, Michigan Community College Association, and many others in Michigan's education community.

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