• Graduation and Dropout Information

    This page provides district users and intermediate school district (ISD) auditors with information regarding the Graduation and Dropout Review process in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) and the Graduation and Dropout (GAD) Application.

    District Users:

    • Ongoing: Submit UIC linking requests in MSDS.
    • July 20-Sept. 16: Review 2015, 2014 and 2013 cohort summary reports in MSDS.
      • Submit corrections or updates in the Student Record Maintenance (SRM) Collection for the calculation of four-year, five-year and six-year rates.
      • Ensure that all end-of-summer graduates are reported in SRM no later than September 16, 2015 (if they were not reported in the EOY 2015 General Collection). For students to be considered on-time graduates, the Exit Date and As Of Date must be on or before August 31.
      • Only your ISD auditor can make exit status updates for students who exited prior to the 2014-15 school year, as these data have been previously audited. Submit proper documentation to your auditor, and s/he will submit an audit finding when the GAD exit status audit opens in October.
    • July 20-Sept. 16: Submit any necessary cohort change requests in MSDS.
      • If you reported a student with an incorrect grade during the 2014-15 school year that placed the student in the wrong cohort year, there MUST be corresponding submission records to support the request (i.e., the student must be reported in the correct grade in at least one certified collection).
    • August-Sept. 16: Review Appealable Graduation and Dropout Rates in GAD.
      • Appealable Graduation Rates will be available in mid-August. Check your rates for all buildings and ensure that each student's cohort status is correct. Make necessary changes in the MSDS as noted above.
    • Oct. 19-Dec. 3: Review Auditable Graduation and Dropout Rates in GAD.
      • Check your rates for all buildings and ensure that each student's cohort status is correct. If further changes are necessary, submit supporting documentation to your ISD auditor.
    • Late Jan. 2016: Preview Final Rates in MI School Data.
      • Final Graduation Rates will be available for internal preview. No further changes to the rates will be allowed.

    ISD Auditors:

    • Oct. 19-Dec. 3: Perform Cyclical Exit Status Audit in GAD.
      • Perform your cyclical exit status audit per the MDE Pupil Auditing manual. Enter any findings in GAD.


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