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The Michigan Clean Air Consultant Directory, 8th Edition (February 2010)   (pdf, 69 pages )

The directory contains a list of Michigan air quality consultants who work with industrial and commercial companies, industrial hygienists who can analyze indoor air quality problems, and analytical laboratories that provide testing and support services for all air quality consultants. The directory assists in determining when an air quality consultant might be needed, describes the various types of air quality consultants, and gives an overview of some of the more common air quality activities performed by consultants. It is divided into four helpful sections:

Section I: Understanding the Differences between Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution

Section I explains the differences between outdoor and indoor air pollution, clarifies which federal and state agencies regulate each type of air pollution, and lists applicable air quality consultants along with the services they provide.

Section II and III: Air Quality Consultants
Section II provides a reference table that allows readers to quickly locate statewide air quality consultants, industrial hygienists, and analytical laboratories according to the specific type(s) of air pollution control or air qualit y services and activities they perform.

Sections III contains a list of air quality consultants. Each entry includes the company's name, location, and contact information, along with a short introduction to or description of the company. The entry also includes a simple chart entitled, "Types of Air Quality Services Available" that shows which types of indoor or outdoor air quality services are available from the respective company based on the activity descriptions found in Section I. If applicable, each company entry also contains a list of branch office affiliations in the state for an alternate means of contact.

Section IV:  Air Quality Consultants, Industrial Hygienists, and Analytical Laboratories Listed by County.

For those looking for an air quality professional within their geographic proximity, Section IV lists the Directory's air quality professionals sorted alphabetically by Michigan county location.

Working With An Environmental Consultant   (March 2002) (pdf, 31 pages)   This guidebook can be used to help businesses determine when to seek the assistance of an air quality consultant. It also details a step-by-step approach on how to obtain the services of a qualified consultant.

For More Information or Additional Assistance, contact the
Environmental Assistance Program   at 800-662-9278

Environmental consultants and industrial hygienists who wish to be included in the next edition of the Clean Air Consultant Directory, may contact Alana Berthold with the Michigan Clean Air Assistance Program at 517-241-7839, or by e-mail at

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