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Solid Waste Facilities

Agency: Environmental Quality

  • The above link takes you to a ArcGIS map of the State of Michigan's Type II and Type III Landfills. 

    Directions on how to use the Map

If you would like to see information on the landfills, click on a corresponding landfill point/dot on the map.  

NOTE: If the points/dots lie on top of one another or are close to each other, zoom in so that they are separated before clicking on one of them to ensure you are getting the information you intended to receive.

Each landfill Web page will have the following information, if there is anything available: 

  1. Basic WDS Information 
  2. Facility Address 
  3. Announcements (If any) 
  4. The Current Construction Permit 
  5. The Current License 
  6. Any Other Pertinent Information
  7. Direct link to the landfill's information in WDS 
  • Lists of Solid Waste Landfills and other disposal sites from WDS 

To generate a list of Michigan Solid Waste Landfills and other disposal sites select "Advance Search" on the WDS gray banner.  In the "Location Address Section" select MI in the "State Field."  Scroll down and expand the heading "Solid Waste."  If looking for a specific type of disposal facility, select that type in the "Disposal Area Type" field.  For landfills that accept municipal solid waste including household waste and friable asbestos, select "Type II MSW Landfill."  For landfills that accept construction and demolition waste, select "Type III-C&D Waste Landfill."  You can also search on other conditions such as facilities only accepting public waste, having an active license, or by geographical area, etc. 

Waste Data System Link 


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