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Superfund Section Staff

Superfund Section Staff

The Superfund Section is divided into three units:  Budget Tracking and Site Management Unit, Geological and Defense Site Management Unit, and Site Assessment and Site Management Unit. 


The Administration provides supervision and management of all units in the Superfund Section.

David Kline, Section Chief, (517) 284-5121

Gloria Gonzales-Gray, Secretary, (517) 284-5105

Budget Tracking and Site Management Unit

The Budget Tracking and Site Management Unit manages the federal Superfund program for the sites that are assigned to this unit, and is also responsible for the coordination of the application, tracking, and administration of all Superfund Cooperative Agreements (grants) and Superfund State Contracts between the EPA and the state.  The Unit also provides coordination of the response to Freedom of Information Act requests for the Remediation Division.

Robert Franks, Unit Chief, (517) 284-5100

Diana Reid, Secretary, (517) 284-5140

Carol Burghdoff, (517) 284-5073

Project Managers

Mary Schafer, (517) 284-5146

Walelign Wagaw, (517) 284-5165

Matthew Williams, (517) 284-5171  

Elizabeth O'Brien-Mead, (517) 284-5132

Cindy Fairbanks, (517) 284-5093

Budget and Grant Tracking

Esther Bradsher, Project Coordinator, (517) 284-5070

Site Assessment and Site Management Unit

The Site Assessment and Site Management Unit staff manages the federal Superfund program for assigned sites that are listed on the NPL.  The Unit also manages the Superfund Site Assessment program that assesses sites for potential scoring and nomination to the NPL; and performs brownfield site assessments.

Daria Devantier, Unit Chief, (517) 284-5086

Kathie Chamberlain, Secretary, (517) 284-5075

Project Managers

Paul Bucholtz, (517) 284-5072

Nic Dawson, (517) 284-5084

Keith Krawczyk, (517) 284-5122

Autumn Lawson, (517) 284-5125

Dan Rockafellow, (517) 284-5143

Kristi Zakrzewski, (517) 284-5177

Brownfields Redevelopment Assessment Program

Joseph Walczak, (517) 284-5167

Site Assessment Program

Joseph Walczak, Pre-Remedial Program Specialist, (517) 284-5167

Teresa Ducsay, (517) 284-5088

John Spielberg, (517) 284-5155

Field Technician Services

Leni Steiner-Zehender, (517) 284-5157

Geology and Defense Site Management Unit

The Geology and Defense Site Management Unit provides geological and other technical assistance and recommendations to the Superfund Section project managers, DEQ management, the EPA, and the public, as requested.  The Unit also manages the state's involvement in the Federal Defense Sites cleanup program, including managing the Defense State Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA).

Eric Alexander, Unit Chief, (517) 284-5060

Project Geologists 

Matthew Baltusis, (517) 284-5064  

Charles Graff, (517) 284-5106

Carol Tracy, (517) 284-5161

Beth Place Secretary, (517) 284-5139

Barbara Vetort-Tiffany, (517) 284-5164

John Bradley, (517) 284-5069

Federal Defense Sites Program

Robert Delaney, DSMOA Coordinator (517) 284-5085

Bill Harmon, FUDs Coordinator, (517) 284-5110

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