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Upcoming Filing Deadlines: 2016 October CS due October 25th by 5:00pm; closes October 20th. The statement is required by all Independent and Political PAC Committees, and Candidate Committees whose candidate is not on a ballot in 2016. 2016 Pre General CS due October 28th by 5:00pm; closes October 23rd. This statement is required by all Candidates Committees and Political Party Committees participating in the November 8, 2016 Election.

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Campaing Finance e - S of OSTATE FILERS!


The electronic Statement of Organization application (e-SofO) has replaced the paper Statement of Organization form. This application is accessible via mobile devices.

See training video for instructions on filing electronically.

File amendments electronically after receiving an access code. Need a code? Send a request via email at please include Committee ID and Primary Email address.

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Candidates: Getting Started, Memo, Dates, Manual, Statement of Organization (Local), Forms (.pdf), More....


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Ballot Questions: Getting Started, Memo, Dates, Manual, Statement of Organization (Local), Forms (.pdf), More....


Political Party: Getting Started, Memo, Dates Manual, Forms (.pdf), More....


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TV Station Profiles & Public Inspection Files

Search FCC records for political ad spending disclosures. The Federal Communications Commission allows people to find spending disclosure statements of political campaign and issue ads. Enter the call letters of the station and then click on "Political Files" in the middle of menu bar under the station's name. Select a year and then the group.

Please note, this link is provided as a courtesy and its contents are solely controlled by the FCC.

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