Election Day Management Training Videos

Training Videos for Elections

Welcome to the Bureau of Elections' newest offering: video training for election officials and inspectors. As the local clerks, administrators and officials on the front lines of elections, we appreciate your hard work and dedication to keep Michigan's elections running smoothly and securely.
These videos are being offered to supplement your own important training for poll workers. Individual segments can be used as short "refresher" courses to reinforce key Election Day practices.
Topics range from enforcement of Michigan's photo ID rules to the processing of provisional and challenged ballots, important checks and balances at the precinct on Election Day, and the proper way to seal and secure ballot containers. 
Again, thank you for your commitment to secure and fair elections.  


These videos can be viewed or used during training classes directly from the internet by clicking the boxes in the sidebar on this page or directly from the Michigan Bureau of Elections (Mi BOE) YouTube Channel.

If you have internet access in your facility, you can play these videos during your training using your computer and a projector system with speakers directly from this page or from our YouTube Channel. Or encourage your inspectors to visit these resources.

  Click the links below to watch the Election Day Management video segments.  

Election Workers


Election Day Management


Processing Voters


Provisional Ballots






Checks and Balances


Introduction to Sealing Containers