Michigan Voting Equipment

Michigan voters use different types of optical scan voting equipment depending on the county they reside in. Beginning in August 2017, some counties will be implementing new equipment.

Click here to view a list of counties.  Click on your county to view information about your voting equipment.


Optical scan ballots

All voters in Michigan use optical scan ballots. Optical scan voting requires voters to either darken an oval or connect the head and tail of an arrow next to each of their choices on their ballot. Completed ballots are fed into a tabulator, which scans and records the votes.

Voters with disabilities may use a special accessible voting device, which provides them with the opportunity to vote a secret ballot in complete privacy. The AutoMARK system uses the same optical scan ballot available to all voters. It does not count votes, but simply marks the voter's selections on the ballot. Voters select their choices using a touch screen. Adaptive devices such as foot pedals, a puff-sip device, stylus or Braille coded-key pad may be used to assist voters in making their selections. The completed ballot is fed into a tabulator, which scans and records the votes. The new voting systems being used in some counties in August 2017 have their own accessible voting device.  Please see your county page to view this information.

Please click this link to our Elections YouTube channel for videos about using optical scan voting equipment and the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal.


Instructions for completing your ballot

  TO VOTE: Completely darken the oval opposite each choice as shown: Marking optical scan ballot that uses ovals

- OR -

  TO VOTE: Complete the arrow opposite each choice as shown: Image: Marking optical scan ballot that uses arrows


Please click here for Ballot Instructions with additional information on how to mark your ballot.