Woodland Center Correctional Facility (WCC)


Livingston County 


Livingston County 

                                                              Warden Jodi DeAngelo-Kipp 
9036 E. M-36

Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

Current Jobs 

                                                 TELEPHONE: (734) 449-3320  OPENED : 2009                          AGE LIMIT: Males, 18 and older except under certain circum- stances 17 and below which are than housed separately



The prison has six housing pods, currently used for MDOC prisoners.  An infirmary provides medical services for all prisoners being housed.  A food serving area is located within the housing complex and the kitchen is located outside the secure perimeter. 

The majority of prisoners have serious mental illness and cannot function adequately in a general prison population.  They receive evaluations and treatment services from the Corrections Mental Health Program (CMHP) and are classified into acute care, rehabilitation treatment services, or crisis stabilization services.


A wide range of therapeutic programs are offered.  Prisoners also have access to religious programs, general library and law library. Prisoners are provided on-site routine medical and dental care.  Medical emergencies are referred to a local hospital as needed. 


The prison is surrounded by a 14-foot curved fence with anti-climb fabric and a special electronic detection system.  Each prisoner wears an electronic tether unit.  Vehicles with armed personnel patrol the perimeter.