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    Earnest C. Brooks Correctional Facility (LRF)

    Earnest G. Brooks Correctional Facility

    Muskegon County

    Northern Region Muskegon County

    Warden Mary Berghuis
    2500 S. Sheridan Drive
    Muskegon Heights, MI 49444

    Current jobs

    (231) 773-9200
    OPENED: 1989
    AGE LIMIT: Males, all ages


    The Earnest C. Brooks Correctional Facility is adjacent to the Port City Industrial Park near Muskegon and sits on 76 acres.

    Brooks and the West Shoreline Correctional Facility (formerly named the Muskegon Temporary Facility) were the first two prisons to begin a program of shared services. Positions that are shared with the West Shoreline Facility are warden and warden's staff, business manager, personnel officer, training staff, school principal, mail room staff, physical plant superintendent and warehouse manager.

    Brooks is comprised of six housing units. Three are Level II and house up to 240 prisoners each. Two are Level IV and house up to 192 each. The sixth is Level I and houses up to 120 prisoners. Housing units are separated by additional internal fencing to prohibit prisoners of different security levels from mixing. Prisoners from different security levels are only mixed under limited, controlled situations. The facility also has a 22-bed segregation unit.


    Academic programs include Special Education, Adult Basic Education and General Education Development completion. Vocational programs include food service and electronics . Michigan State Industries also operates a prison laundry and a notebook bindery.

    Other programs include impulse control therapy, sex offender treatment, group counseling and substance-abuse treatment, religious and special activity groups and a library.

    Prisoners are provided on-site routine medical and dental care. Serious problems are treated at the department's Duane L. Waters Health Center in Jackson. Emergencies can be referred to a local hospital.


    The facility includes two fences with rolls of razor wire on the side and top of the outside fence, along with a third outer perimeter chain link fence with razor wire and a low, property-line fence of medium gauge galvanized wire. The fences are monitored by a series of electronic security devices. The perimeter of the facility is constantly patrolled by armed staff. Two gun towers were added in 1997.

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