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    St. Louis Correctional Facility (SLF)

    St. Louis Correctional Facility

    Gratiot County

    Northern Region Gratiot County

    Warden Steven Rivard
    8585 N. Croswell Road
    St. Louis, MI 48880

    Current jobs

    (989) 681-6444
    OPENED: 1999
    AGE LIMIT: Males, 17 and older


    This facility now houses only Level IV prisoners. The prison is sited on 67 acres of land in the northeast section of St. Louis, in Gratiot County. It consists of separate buildings for administration, food services, education, maintenance, storage and prisoner housing. There are six general population housing units, one is an Adaptive Skills Residential Program (ASRP) Unit that provides specialized programming in a supportive housing environment for prisoners. There is one Segregation Unit that houses up to 96 prisoners.


    Pre-release preparation, psychological counseling, Strategies for Thinking Productively (STP is a cognitive restructuring program), Cage Your Rage and substance-abuse treatment are offered. An academic and vocational program offers Adult Basic Education, General Education Development opportunities and Custodial Maintenance Technology. Other programs and services include general and law library, hobbycraft, religious services, recreation programs, and a barbershop.

    Prisoners are provided with on-site routine medical, including x-ray, and dental care. Telemedicine is available and there is a mini-clinic in each housing unit. Serious problems are treated at the department's Duane L. Waters Health Care in Jackson, and emergencies can be referred to the local hospital.


    The facility is surrounded by two fences, with razor-ribbon wire on the side and top of the exterior fence. The perimeter is also monitored by an electronic detection system. There are armed gun towers and the perimeter of the facility is patrolled by armed personnel. Surveillance cameras are extensively used.

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