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Money - Sending Money to a Prisoner via JPay

Money Order/Guaranteed Funds Processing 


All money orders and guaranteed checks (ie, cashier's checks) from family members and other members of the public are processed by JPay, Inc.  Money order/checks with guaranteed funds will need to be made payable to JPay and sent to the lockbox address below.  A Deposit Slip must be included with the money order/guaranteed check, and mailed to the following:



P.O. Box 531190

Miami Shores, FL 33153

  • There will be no processing cost for any funds sent to the JPAY lockbox. All processing cost for on-line transactions still applies. 
  • Any notes or letters included with the mailing will be discarded by JPay.  Money orders/guaranteed checks may not exceed $999.99 in value.  
  • Deposit Slips are available in the Lobby and Visiting Areas in each correctional facility and on the Michigan Department of Corrections website. 

 JPay Deposit Form - English Version                                    JPay Deposit Form - Spanish Version 

  • Any questions regarding processing of money orders and guaranteed checks should be directed to JPay at (866) 333-5729. Prisoners will be able to submit questions regarding funds to JPay directly from the kiosk located in their housing unit. 
  • JPay will continue to accept deposits to inmate's accounts electronically at The information below covers how to use electronic deposits.
  • All funds received must comply with  PD 04.02.105 - Prisoner Funds and Director's Office Memorandum 2014-11.
  • Deposited Funds are subject to collection by the Department to pay for obligations imposed by the sentencing court or the Michigan Department of Corrections in accordance with applicable Department policies.


 Electronic deposit of funds may be deposited into a prisoner's account using JPay. 

To use this method, you must establish a JPay account. Please visit for information on how to open and manage your account. 

JPay logo 

Click here to send money now   

Once the JPay account is established, you may deposit funds into a prisoner's account through any of the options listed below: 

  • Online by using a credit/debit card through the website. 
  • By calling JPay at 1-800-574-5729. Agents are available 24 hours/day in English and Spanish.
  • In person, with cash at the nearest Moneygram Store, located inside WalMart and CVS stores.  Fill out an express blue form and use Receive Code 6902. 

 The prisoner will be issued a receipt of funds that were received and notified if the funds are rejected for any reason. 

Please see  Director's Office Memorandum 2014-11 : Prisoner Funds - Centralized Receipting Office/Spending Restrictions.