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    Thumb Correctional Facility (TCF)

    Thumb Correctional Facility

    Lapeer County

    Southern Region Lapeer County

    Warden David Bergh
    3225 John Conley Drive
    Lapeer, MI 48446

    Current jobs

    (810) 667-2045
    Males,all ages


    The Thumb Correctional Facility has six Level II housing units including day showers, laundry facilities and staff offices. Four housing units are for adult offenders and two housing units are for youthful offenders. The segregation unit is equipped with stainless steel sinks and toilets, and slotted doors for feeding.

    Other buildings include the prison services building, which has academic and vocational classrooms, libraries, a barber shop, a food service building for prisoner and staff dining, health care area, warehouse and maintenance areas. There is an administrative building for staff offices, records, visiting, staff training, hearings and the institution's control center. Michigan State Industries has a building where it provides industrial laundry services for state and other nonprofit agencies.

    Prisoners can involve themselves in academic, vocational and religious programming. Prisoner work programs include the prison's laundry. Treatment programs include substance-abuse counseling, group therapy, clubs and organizations.

    Prisoners are provided on-site medical and dental care; serious and emergency care is provided by the department's Duane L. Waters Health Care in Jackson.


    The perimeter security includes triple 12-foot fences with razor-ribbon wire, towers, electronic perimeter detection systems and a perimeter vehicle with armed personnel.
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