CPR and First Aid Training

Licensing rules require group and family child care homes and child care centers to have at least one caregiver with infant, child and adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid certification on duty at all times.

First aid/CPR training must be received from an organization approved by the department. CPR and first aid training may be completed online. If CPR and first aid training is completed online, an in-person skills test must also be completed for the training to be valid. In-person skills tests must be done face-to-face. They cannot be done via webcam or with a digital mannequin. The in-person skills test must be administered by one of the approved organizations. 

Many of the approved organizations offer several different types of CPR and first aid training (for the general community, the workplace, health care/emergency response professionals). It is recommended that caregivers take workplace CPR and first aid training, if offered. It is not necessary to take the course designed for health care/emergency response professionals.

Note:  The Child Care Organizations Act (1973 PA 116) requires that CPR be updated/renewed every 12 months and that first aid be updated/renewed every 36 months. See the Child Care Center and Home - Letter Series 2012-01 memo for more information on refresher courses for annual CPR training.


Approved CPR/First Aid Training   

Under the authority granted to the department by 1973 PA 116, the following organizations have been approved by the Bureau of Community and Health Systems, Child Care Licensing Division to provide adult, infant, and child CPR and/or first aid training to child care providers and caregivers.
Updated: 07/07/15

Cards from the following organizations may be accepted if the training is age-appropriate: 

American CPR Training
CPR & First Aid

American Heart Association
CPR & First Aid

Child Training Solutions

American Red Cross
CPR & First Aid


American Safety and Health Institute
CPR & First Aid
For local centers - 800-246-5101

American Trauma Event Management
CPR & First Aid

ASHA, Inc (dba American Health and Safety)
CPR & First Aid

Cardio Pulmonary Resource Center, Inc.
CPR & First Aid

Emergency Care and Safety Institute
CPR & First Aid

Emergency First Response Corp.
EFR Primary Care (CPR), EFR Secondary Care (First Aid), and EFR Care for Children

Note: Child care providers must take applicable parts of the EFR Care for Children course when taking first aid and CPR training. If providers are taking both CPR and First Aid training at the same time, all three courses (EFR Primary, EFR Secondary Care & EFR Care for Children) must be taken.

EMS Safety Services, Inc.
CPR & First Aid

CPR & First Aid

Medic First Aid
CPR & First Aid

National Safety Council
CPR & First Aid

ProTrainings, LLC
Child care providers must take the course ProFirst Aid Certification.

World Health Institute