Child Care Providers Closed or Suspended Due to Disciplinary Action

This list only includes child care facilities from the past two years that have had a certificate of registration/license revoked, suspended or administratively closed or the department refused to renew it. An administrative closure occurs when the department agrees to allow closure of a certificate of registration/license despite unresolved disciplinary issues. Administrative closures are listed on the table as closed.

Note: An individual or organization may be refused a certificate of registration/license for at least two years after having a certificate of registration/license revoked, suspended or administratively closed. Effective May 27, 2010, if the certificate of registration/license was revoked due to violations that resulted in serious injury or death of a child, the individual or organization can never be issued a certificate of registration/license.

If you would like additional information on a facility, including a copy of the notice of intent, settlement agreement or final order closing the certificate of registration/license, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Go to the FOIA page for instructions on how to submit a request.

License Type

Name Location Closure Date Closure Reason
Family Home Swanson, Erica 2707 Garfield Avenue N.W., Walker 02/22/17 Revoked
Family Home Bidgood, Sandy 4910 Raymond, SE, Kentwood 02/22/17 Refused to Renew
Family Home Ely, Tracie 1207 S. Washington Avenue, Ludington 02/09/17 Revoked
Child Care Center SNAP 182 Capital Avenue NE, Battle Creek 02/09/17 Refused to Renew
Group Home Benedict, Roberta 1593 Pine Tree Road, Grawn 02/03/17 Revoked
Family Home Nana's Day Care 75 Woodslee, Troy 02/01/17 Refused to Renew
Family Home Cummings, Debra Anne 6015 Chamberlain, Romulus 01/27/17 Revoked
Family Home Passmore, Barbara 5465 Winell, Clarkston 01/27/17 Refused to Renew
Group Home Pellow, Julie 28805 Fairlane Drive, Dowagiac 01/20/17 Suspended
Family Home Adamczak, Dana 4115 Sawkaw Drive NE, Grand Rapids 01/14/17 Suspended
Family Home Maddox, Angela 7193 Schoolcraft Drive, Davison 01/10/17 Revoked
Child Care Center Cute N Cuddly DayCare and Preschool 15201 South Dixie Highway, Monroe 01/09/17 Revoked
Family Home Ullom, Melissa 644 Francis Drive, Traverse City 12/29/16 Suspended
Group Home Lundquist, Joanne 13564 N. Hartel Road, Grand Ledge 12/21/16 Suspended
Family Home Countryside Child Care - Brower, Laura 1518 S Marble Road, Lowell 12/12/16 Revoked
Family Home Ingersoll, Mandy 12944 Lincoln Lake Road, Gowen 12/12/16 Revoked
Child Care Center Child's Play Place, Inc 13060 US-27, Dewitt 12/09/16 Revoked
Group Home Rickaby, Lisa 4852 Ogden Highway, Adrian 12/05/16 Revoked
Family Home Johnson, Debra 127 Candlewood Lane, Battle Creek 12/02/16 Suspended
Group Home Fuller, Elizabeth 1711 Willis NW Street, Grand Rapids 11/23/16 Suspended
Family Home Meme's House Daycare & Preschool - Dalton, Elaine 28605 Freda Court, Madison Heights 11/18/16 Revoked
Child Care Center Creative Hands 37703 Joy Road, Westland 11/17/16 Revoked
Group Home Crocker, Jann 1649 Cass, Niles 11/16/16 Refused to Renew
Group Home Locano, Sheila 55 E. Shevlin, Hazel Park 11/16/16 Suspended
Family Home Anderson, Debra 1117 Neland Avenue SE, Grand Rapids 11/09/16 Revoked
Child Care Center ABC Child Care Center 4087 S. Center Road, Burton 11/01/16 Refused to Renew
Family Home Hobbs-Bartholomew, Alisa Marie 411 N. Deerfield Avenue, Lansing 10/31/16 Revoked
Family Home Rozeboom, Arla Kay 3501 Butternut, Holland 10/20/16 Revoked
Child Care Center Children First Child Care Center Corporation 1081 Houran Street, Flint 10/17/16 Revoked
Family Home Humble, Jeanette 3560 E. Street, Hartland 10/12/16 Revoked
Family Home White, Heather 349 W. 21st Street 10/07/16 Revoked
Group Home Coe, Elaine Marie 3800 River Road, Manistee 09/28/16 Revoked
Group Home Riggins, Lisa 3800 Dormay, Jackson 09/19/16 Suspended
Group Home Sanders, Amy 2260 Russell, Benton Harbor 09/19/16 Revoked
Family Home Siam, Kim 137 Thurston St. SW, Wyoming 09/15/16 Revoked
Family Home Nelson, Joanne 7298 Windgate, Jenison 09/12/16 Revoked
Family Home Kowalczyk, Terri 3584 Leonard Street NW, Walker 09/06/16 Revoked
Family Home Rostick, Dawn 1131 Marshall Avenue SE, Grand Rapids 09/06/16 Revoked
Family Home McClure, Stacey 4980 Westshire, Comstock Park 09/03/16 Refused to Renew
Family Home VanPatten, Karman 9886 Pine Island Drive, Sparta 09/02/16 Revoked
Group Home Dudewicz, Pamela 1812 Stanford Court, Oxford 08/30/16 Revoked
Group Home Benedict, Roberta 1593 Pine Tree Road, Grawn 08/25/16 Suspended
Group Home Rhinehart, Deborah 7392 W. Blanchard Road, Blanchard 08/25/16 Revoked
Family Home Swinging Day Care - Howe, Beverly 2406 Rebecca Lane, Niles 08/16/16 Revoked
Group Home Elder, Jeanine Renee 9145 Blackman Road, Kingsley 08/02/16 Revoked
Family Home Ingram, Teresa 4104 Gregor Street, Mt. Morris 08/02/16 Refused to Renew
Group Home Maxie, Debra 8541 Doe Pass, Lansing 07/29/16 Suspended
Group Home Miller, Jessica 107 First Street
07/19/16 Refused to Renew
Family Home Little Leaders Academic Childcare 22402 Chatsford Circuit
07/07/16 Revoked
Family Home Lynn, Susan 3138 Roosevelt Road, Muskegon 06/20/16 Revoked
Group Home Susan Burnworth 68136 Elsie Lane
06/16/16 Revoked
Child Care Center North Starr Child Care 1632 Diamond Ave NE
Grand Rapids
06/15/16 Refused to Renew
Family Home Sharee and Anthony Krieger 25860 Antler
06/13/16 Refused to Renew
Family Home Laura Hofman 8990 Eastern Avenue
Byron Center
06/11/16 Revoked
Group Home Edonna Russell 2325 Collingwood Ave SW
06/10/16 Revoked
Group Home Cathy's Daycare - Cathy Carr 1554 Wetherby Road
06/08/16 Revoked
Family Home Mary Lee Konsoer 4630 Forest Hills Court
Grand Rapids
06/01/16 Closed
Family Home Burmingham, Melissa 4132 Costa Avenue, Grand Rapids 5/31/16 Refused to Renew
Group Home Tiny Toes Child Care - Patricia Barnhart 230 Portage Avenue
Three Rivers
05/24/16 Revoked
Family Home Marjorie Akers 505 N Stephenson Highway
Royal Oak
05/13/16 Revoked
Group Home Diana Cole 30208 Hayes Road
05/13/16 Revoked
Family Home Nichole Dozeman 9793 S. Rebecca Road
04/12/16 Revoked
Group Home Jane's Day Care - Margaret Cross 8297 N. Stoney Lake
04/04/16 Revoked
Group Home Brenda Whetzel 13140 Stout Avenue NE
Cedar Springs
04/01/16 Closed
Family Home Kristine Showers 1447 S Sheridan Drive
03/31/16 Revoked
Group Home Wende Plaisier 2607 22 Mile Road
Kent City
03/31/16 Refused to Renew
Group Home Joanne Bowen 3255 West 108th Street
03/23/16 Revoked
Family Home Angela Pavlowski 2808 Highbrook Drive
03/18/16 Closed
Group Home Mary's House Home Daycare 211 E. Dayton
03/10/16 Revoked
Family Home September Darden 1211 Whyte
03/09/16 Revoked
Family Home Phyllis Woods 1224 Cooper SE
Grand Rapids
03/08/16 Revoked
Family Home LaToya Turley 1212 Cooper SE
Grand Rapids
03/08/16 Revoked
Group Home Lavonne Welch 344 Fuller Avenue
Grand Rapids
03/08/16 Revoked
Family Home Maggie Mae Meeks 2308 Forest Creek
02/23/16 Revoked
Group Home Gloria Lino 5810 Monticello Drive
02/23/16 Revoked
Family Home Rebecca Norlin 23408 Dogwood
Dollar Bay
02/19/16 Revoked
Family Home Robbin G Tanner 5232 E Broadway Road, #163
Mount Pleasant
02/19/16 Revoked
Child Care Center Creative Child Care Center 11560 Holmden Court
02/15/16 Revoked
Group Home Tammi's Little Helping Hands 46045 Brookside North
02/11/16 Revoked
Family Home I Care Home Child Care 9225 Rosemont
02/11/16 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Delta Mills Community Center 6816 Delta River Drive
02/09/16 Closed
Group Home Pamba K. McHugh 512 Allegan
02/04/16 Revoked
Group Home CJS Playhouse 4445 South Virginia Drive
01/18/16 Revoked
Family Home Stacey Weston 8687 Littlefield Lane
01/12/16 Revoked
Child Care Center Enlighten Moments, LLC 21551 Eleven Mile Road
01/03/16 Revoked
Group Home Vickie Meehan 418 Granda Vista Drive
12/28/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Advance Daycare and Child Development Center 770 East Walton
12/07/15 Revoked
Child Care Center SunRise 2 SunSet Child Development 18708 Telegraph Road
12/02/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Baby Adventure Center 18708 Telegraph Road
12/02/15 Revoked
Family Home Alysse Crum 13334 Jennifer Drive
12/01/15 Revoked
Family Home Mother's Love Child Care - Sandra LaFortune 122 Wadsworth, SW
12/01/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Grand Akidemy Development Center, Inc 10811 S. Saginaw Street
Grand Blanc
11/25/15 Revoked
Family Home Courtney Prill 600 West Main Street
11/20/15 Revoked
Group Home Julie Bakerman 7039 E. Atherton Road
11/20/15 Revoked
Group Home Kristy Helmreich 3355 Voice Road
11/12/15 Revoked
Group Home Rosanna Maria Hoffmann 1378 Country Knoll Place
St. Joseph
11/10/15 Revoked
Group Home Debbies Day Care, Inc - Hernandez, Debra 1649 Victory Corner
11/03/15 Revoked
Family Home Ebony Cummings 431 Prince Street SE
Grand Rapids
11/03/15 Refused to Renew
Group Home The Kidz Zone - Davis, Shannon 800 S. Durand Street
11/03/15 Closed
Family Home Denise Koster 6491 Cherrywood Avenue
11/01/15 Closed
Family Home Debra Sova 648 Court Street
10/27/15 Refused to Renew
Group Home Sarah Cole 202 N. Shiawassee Street
10/26/15 Revoked
Family Home Falisa Mason 726 Clancy NE
Grand Rapids
10/21/15 Revoked
Group Home Dawn Ketvirtis 336 Burr Oak Street
10/19/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Country Corner Day Care Inc 29480 Red Arrow Highway
Paw Paw
10/16/15 Closed
Family Home Anita Tillman 3081 Crystal Lane
10/15/15 Revoked
Group Home Wee Angels Day Care- Troutman, Delberta 108 Austin Street
10/12/15 Revoked
Family Home Open Arms Family Childcare-Porter, Regina 1650 N. Grand Traverse
10/08/15 Revoked
Family Home Sandra Curtis 3730 Portage Road
09/30/15 Revoked
Group Home Dana Davis 5527 McCourt Street
09/29/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Kreative Kidz 6122 W. Pierson Road
09/23/15 Revoked
Family Home La'Ton Allaway 4125 Holyoke
Grand Rapids
09/23/15 Revoked
Family Home Amanda Palmer 525 Peachtree
09/16/15 Revoked
Family Home Abagail Norrod 1627 Bay Hill Terrace
Traverse City
09/15/15 Revoked
Group Home Vicki Esch 6581 Automobile Road
Twin Lake
09/02/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Learning Advantage Academy 330 Fourth Street
09/02/15 Revoked
Group Home Shantay Green 264 Bondale
09/02/15 Closed
Family Home Miranda Warner 161 South 7th Street
Cedar Springs
09/01/15 Closed
Family Home Pamela Olmsted 24280 Bolam
08/31/15 Closed
Family Home Amy Holden 304 1/2 E. Henry
08/28/15 Refused to Renew
Family Home Lindsay Brogan 21 Elder Drive
07/26/15 Revoked
Group Home Tabitha Gordon 1118 7th Street
Three Rivers
07/13/15 Revoked
Group Home Shannon Donley and Sara Dobrowski 6701 Beech Creek Drive
07/10/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Bright Academy 12000 Larkins Road
07/09/15 Revoked
Family Home Rachel Bissell 206 Kalkaska Street
07/08/15 Revoked
Group Home Wendy Griest 6546 Wilson
06/30/15 Revoked
Family Home Rebecca Hindenach 6588 8th Ave
06/26/15 Revoked
Group Home Lisa MacArthur 822 Sable Street
06/26/15 Revoked
Family Home Nicole Pharr 1492 Wagon Wheel Lane
Grand Blanc
06/23/15 Revoked
Group Home Araceli Perez-Suriel 2332 Madison Ave SE
Grand Rapids
06/23/15 Revoked
Family Home Little Paws Daycare-Hannah Chouinard 510 Rose Park Drive
06/08/15 Revoked
Group Home Debra Gartley 2220 Webber Street
06/08/15 Revoked
Family Home S&S Childcare - Kociuba, Stella 5754 Belmont
Dearborn Heights
05/19/15 Revoked
Family Home Tawana Mason 15828 Fairfield Street
05/18/15 Revoked
Family Home Heber, Anne Marie 166 N. Doran Road
Imlay City
05/04/15 Revoked
Family Home Green, Lee A. 910 Merritt Street, SE
Grand Rapids
04/28/15 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Magical Years CDC 104 Washington Street
04/11/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Train Up A Child 20332 McNichols
04/06/15 Revoked
Group Home Spegel, Daniel P. 5805 W. Wackerly Street
04/06/15 Revoked
Child Care Center First Friends Daycare Center 8031 E. Court Street
04/06/15 Refused to Renew
Family Home Youle, Christine L. 717 56th Street, SE
03/04/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Little Cupcakes 7150 Grand River
03/26/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Right Start Learning Center 2325 Lemuel
Muskegon Heights
03/18/15 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Birmingham Learning Center Inc 3202 Greenfield Road
Royal Oak
03/05/15 Revoked
Group Home LaRenda Knapp 6142 Cypress
Mount Morris
03/03/15 Revoked
 Updated 03/07/2017