Child Care Providers Closed or Suspended Due to Disciplinary Action

This list only includes child care facilities from the past two years that have had a certificate of registration/license revoked, suspended or administratively closed or the department refused to renew it. An administrative closure occurs when the department agrees to allow closure of a certificate of registration/license despite unresolved disciplinary issues. Administrative closures are listed on the table as closed. A copy of the settlement agreement or final order closing the certificate of registration/license is available for certificate of registrations/licenses closed in April 2014 or later.

Note: An individual or organization may be refused a certificate of registration/license for at least two years after having a certificate of registration/license revoked, suspended or administratively closed. Effective May 27, 2010, if the certificate of registration/license was revoked due to violations that resulted in serious injury or death of a child, the individual or organization can never be issued a certificate of registration/license.

If you would like additional information on a facility, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Go to the FOIA page for instructions on how to submit a request.

License Type

Name Location Closure Date Closure Reason
Family Home Anita Tillman 3081 Crystal Lane
10/15/15 Revoked
Family Home Terri Kowalczyk 3584 Leonard St. NW
10/02/15 Suspended
Family Home September Darden 1211 Whyte
10/01/15 Suspended
Family Home Sandra Curtis 3730 Portage Road
09/30/15 Revoked
Group Home Dana Davis 5527 McCourt Street
09/29/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Kreative Kidz 6122 W. Pierson Road
09/23/15 Revoked
Family Home La'Ton Allaway 4125 Holyoke
Grand Rapids
09/23/15 Revoked
Family Home Amanda Palmer 525 Peachtree
09/16/15 Revoked
Family Home Abagail Norrod 1627 Bayhill Terrace
Traverse City
09/15/15 Revoked
Group Home Vicki Esch 6581 Automobile Road
Twin Lake
09/02/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Learning Advantage Academy 330 Fourth Street
09/02/15 Revoked
Group Home Shantay Green 264 Bondale
09/02/15 Closed
Family Home Miranda Warner 161 South 7th Street
Cedar Springs
09/01/15 Closed
Family Home Pamela Olmsted 24280 Bolam
08/31/15 Closed
Family Home Falisa Mason 726 Clancy NE
Grand Rapids
08/03/15 Revoked
Family Home Lindsay Brogan 21 Elder Drive
07/26/15 Revoked
Family Home Mother's Love Child Care - LaFortune,Sandra 112 Wadsworth, SW
07/15/15 Suspended
Group Home Tabitha Gordon 1118 7th Street
Three Rivers
07/13/15 Revoked
Group Home Shannon Donley and Sara Dobrowski 6701 Beech Creek Drive
07/10/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Bright Academy 12000 Larkins Road
07/09/15 Revoked
Family Home Rachel Bissell 206 Kalkaska Street
07/08/15 Revoked
Group Home Wendy Griest 6546 Wilson
06/30/15 Revoked
Family Home Rebecca Hindenach 6588 8th Ave
06/26/15 Revoked
Group Home Lisa MacArthur 822 Sable Street
06/26/15 Revoked
Family Home Nicole Pharr 1492 Wagon Wheel Lane
Grand Blanc
06/23/15 Revoked
Group Home Araceli Perez-Suriel 2332 Madison Ave SE
Grand Rapids
06/23/15 Revoked
Family Home Little Paws Daycare-Hannah Chouinard 510 Rose Park Drive
06/08/15 Revoked
Group Home Debra Gartley 2220 Webber Street
06/08/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Learning Advantage Academy 330 Fourth Street
Family Home S&S Childcare - Kociuba, Stella 5754 Belmont
Dearborn Heights
05/19/15 Revoked
Family Home Tawana Mason 15828 Fairfield Street
05/18/15 Revoked
Family Home Heber, Anne Marie 166 N. Doran Road
Imlay City
05/04/15 Revoked
Family Home Green, Lee A. 910 Merritt Street, SE
Grand Rapids
04/28/15 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Magical Years CDC 104 Washington Street
04/11/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Train Up A Child 20332 McNichols
04/06/15 Revoked
Group Home Spegel, Daniel P. 5805 W. Wackerly Street
04/06/15 Revoked
Child Care Center First Friends Daycare Center 8031 E. Court Street
04/06/15 Refuse to Renew
Family Home Youle, Christine L. 717 56th Street, SE
03/04/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Little Cupcakes 7150 Grand River
03/26/15 Revoked
Child Care Center Right Start Learning Center 2325 Lemuel
Muskegon Heights
03/18/15 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Birmingham Learning Center Inc 3202 Greenfield Road
Royal Oak
03/05/15 Revoked
Group Home LaRenda Knapp 6142 Cypress
Mount Morris
03/03/15 Revoked
Group Home Hicks, Lisa 3596 Harper Road
02/28/15 Revoked
Family Home Bridges Day Care - Mowers, Teresa 5736 Pinetree Ave. SE
02/25/15 Revoked
Child Care Center The Child Development Center 17290 Roosevelt Road
Spring Lake
02/21/15 Revoked
Family Home Rose, Amy 7182 N. 6th Street
02/18/15 Refused to renew
Family Home Drevitch, Anna 5730 Amber Way
02/18/15 Closed
Group Home VanderMeulen, Jessica 1746 W. River Road
Traverse City
02/14/15 Revoked
Group Home Simon, Tammy Sue 8488 Birch Run Road
02/06/15 Revoked
Group Home Calhoun, Jerene 2121 Champagne
Ann Arbor
02/02/15 Revoked
Group Home Rowell, Jodi 2773 Security Lane
Bay City
01/31/15 Revoked
Child Care Center New Creation Thien Lap Learning Center 31845 Ryan Road
01/28/15 Revoked
Group Home Tran, Esther and Lee 35703 Maureen Drive
Sterling Heights;
01/28/15 Revoked
Group Home Montague, Ruth 257 Rapid Street
01/21/15 Revoked
Family Home Massaway, Pamela 201 W. Townsend Road
St. Johns
12/22/14 Revoked
Group Home Grace's Daycare - Enea, Grace Ann 50303 Cheltenham Drive
Macomb Township
12/19/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Powers' Montessori Academy 2168 North Cedar Street
12/12/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Kiddie Komfort Preschool 505 S. Park
12/11/14 Revoked
Group Home Johnson, Nathalie 5356 Interlochen
12/02/14 Refused to Renew
Group Home Daniel, Constance 862 Brookdale
11/21/14 Closed
Family Home Ryan, Jessica 112 West Cottage Avenue
11/14/14 Refused to Renew
Group Home Goodrich, Pamela 844 Dayton Street, SW
Grand Rapids
11/04/14 Revoked
Group Home King, Christina 1231 Otis Drive
11/03/14 Closed
Family Home King, Dominique 20176 Mark Twain
10/24/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Bethel Educational Center 535 Cathay
10/24/14 Refused to Renew
Group Home Hause, Tina 1781 S. Michigan Road
Eaton Rapids
10/20/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Kids Play and Stay Montessori 25820 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills
10/15/14 Closed
Child Care Center Learning As We Grow 16511 Schoolcraft Street
10/14/14 Revoked
Group Home Patience Day Care - Carter-Bates, Lisa 16556 Terra Bella
Clinton Township
10/03/14 Revoked
Group Home Gaubault, Faith 120 White Pine Drive
Saint Ignace
10/03/14 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Stay and Play Learning Center II 1844 Colfax
Benton Harbor
09/29/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Stay and Play Learning Center 833 W. South Street
09/29/14 Revoked
Family Home Zajda, Laurie 203 E. Main
09/26/14 Revoked
Group Home Collins, Amy 220 W. Potter Road
Traverse City
09/24/14 Closed
Family Home Miller, Rose 7886 Olmstead
09/23/14 Revoked
Family Home Brown, Erika 841 Benson Avenue
NE, Grand Rapids
09/18/14 Revoked
Group Home Wilson, Kathy 18157 174th Avenue
Spring Lake
09/16/14 Refused to Renew
Group Home Greene, Wendalyne 1933 E. Stoll Road
09/15/14 Revoked
Group Home CJS Playhouse - Marshall, Michelle and Conklin, Carla 4445 South Virginia Drive
09/11/14 Suspended
Family Home Hazzard, Kandi 1621 Ridgewood Avenue
SE, Grand Rapids
09/02/14 Revoked
Family Home Thorpe, Tina 30238 Westmore
Madison Heights
08/28/14 Closed
Group Home Bishop, Jaime 645 W. Englewood
Twin Lake
08/25/14 Revoked
Family Home McDonald, Melva 1013 Court Street
Sault Ste. Marie
08/20/14 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Bundles of Luv CDC, Inc. 3300 Center Road
08/19/14 Revoked
Family Home Masters, Barbara 810 Myrtle Street
St. Joseph
08/12/14 Refused to Renew
Group Home Michalsky, Lisa 1116 N. Chilson Street
Bay City
08/06/14 Closed
Family Home Thomas, Charlease 45297 Marquette
08/04/14 Revoked
Group Home Hoffmann, Rosanna Maria 1378 Country Knoll Place
Saint Joseph
07/14/14 Suspended
Group Home Hightower, Shontae 25219 Rubin
07/01/14 Closed
Group Home Dixon, Deborah and Wade, Leona 3638 Lauria Road
Bay City
06/19/14 Revoked
Family Home White, Vicki 2460 Palm Dale Drive SW
06/17/14 Revoked
Family Home Dorgelo, Pamela 1708 Niles Avenue
Saint Joseph
06/10/14 Revoked
Child Care Center De-Kidzone 340 Ecorse Road, Bldg. #1
06/10/14 Refused to Renew
Family Home Love, Celie 621 East Holbrook
05/20/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Academy Christian Day Care Center - Southfield Christian & Seminary Center 25536 Lahser Road
05/07/14 Revoked
Group Home Marsh, Donna 20360 Parker
04/25/14 Closed
Family Home Collins, Marcy 1260 S Graham Road
04/18/14 Revoked
Family Home Michalski, Cheryl 1017 Reads Run
Traverse City
04/16/14 Revoked
Family Home Pladies, Phylinda 4170 W. McMillan
North Muskegon
04/15/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Always Learning Daycare Center 1350 N. Belsay Road
04/11/14 Revoked
Family Home Learning Daycare - Vendittelli, Carol 79900 North Avenue
04/09/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Eagle's Nest Child Care Center 6103 Eagle Ridge Lane
03/26/14 Revoked
Family Home Katey's Kiddy Kare - Hull, Katey 6715 Bickett Boulevard
03/24/14 Closed
Child Care Center Active Learning Child Care Center 4087 S. Center Road
03/22/14 Revoked
Group Home Jane's Daycare - Jane Bateman 970 W. Tuttle Road
03/10/14 Closed
Group Home Wallace, Kimberly 116 W. Elm Street
03/04/14 Closed
Group Home Strawser, Debra 331 Nora Street SE
03/02/14 Closed
Family Home Burfiend, Marilyn Marie 7100 Cook Road
03/01/14 Revoked
Group Home Kasom, Kellie 23612 Deziel
St. Clair Shores
02/28/14 Revoked
Family Home Thomas, Theresa 207 Olympia Drive
02/26/14 Revoked
Child Care Center Explore Dream and Learn CCC 7125 Kraft Avenue SE
02/19/14 Revoked
Family Home Dorie, Joanne 8546 US-23 South
02/13/14 Refused to Renew
Child Care Center Huggs and N and Luvs Educ. Child Care 2081 Coldwater Road
02/13/14 Refused to Renew
Family Home Chuby, Cheryl 852 Polvadera
02/07/14 Closed
Group Home Martinez, Patricia 315 Pleasant Street
02/04/14 Revoked
Group Home Zirkelbach, Janet 306 Chippewa Avenue
02/04/14 Revoked
Group Home Morrill, Ashley 906 Green Meadows Drive
01/31/14 Closed
Group Home Dick, Dawn 606 W. Sunset Muskegon 01/11/14 Revoked
Group Home Ledbetter, Kimberly and Terry 790 W. Girard Madison Heights 01/07/14 Revoked
Family Home Johnston, Cherrie 30681 Park Avenue Roseville 01/07/14 Refused to Renew
Group Home Dam, Tuan 4104 Livernois
12/30/13 Revoked
Group Home Hernandez, Angel 1920 Barbara Street
12/30/13 Revoked
Family Home Reyst, Dayle 17677 Loranger
Clinton Township
12/28/13 Refused to Renew
Group Home Hall, Deanna 8392 Kraft Avenue, SE
12/17/13 Closed
Group Home Kinnee, Mary 8738 Edgar Road
12/14/13 Revoked
Family Home Stiehl, Shelley 11035 Foreman Street
12/11/13 Revoked
Family Home Ismail, Thahabia 42195 Gloria
12/10/13 Refused to Renew
Group Home Huntley, Jacqueline 11851 Strait Road
12/05/13 Revoked
Group Home Hillis, Diane 11154 Cutler Road
11/25/13 Revoked
Family Home Williams, Ayanna 3501 Clovertree Lane, Apt. 3
11/19/13 Closed
Group Home Boyer, Janet 3648 West Fuller Drive
11/15/13 Revoked
Child Care Center Precious Moments Educational Center 19899 W. 9 Mile Road
11/15/13 Revoked
Family Home Cassell, Debra Marie 1909 Radcliffe
Traverse City
11/15/13 Closed
Family Home Hopkins, Renecia 739 Gott Street
Ann Arbor
11/12/13 Revoked
Family Home Clark, Amy 3320 Chevy Chace Drive, NE
Grand Rapids
11/06/13 Revoked
Child Care Center Stepping Stone Child Development Center II 4440 Walton Boulevard
11/01/13 Revoked
Child Care Center A Precious Creation 1632 Diamond Avenue, NE
Grand Rapids
10/31/13 Closed
Child Care Center Little Friends Childcare Center Inc. 301 E. First Street
Imlay City
10/31/13 Revoked
Group Home Patricia Mackey 2595 Four Mile Road
Traverse City
10/28/13 Revoked
Family Home Fenner, Elizabeth 1956 39th Street, SW
10/18/13 Revoked
Family Home Baty, Adina 1320 Sylvan Street, SE
Grand Rapids
10/09/13 Revoked
Child Care Center Tuttle Tots Daycare Center 3298 East Tuttle Road
10/06/13 Revoked
Family Home Woods, Jenny 1008 S. Eaton Street
10/01/13 Closed
 Updated 11/18/2015