Specialty Computer and Safety Glasses

Computer Glasses

Employees who are required to use computers and other digital devices on a full-time basis are eligible for an initial vision testing examination at their approved benefit amount. Employees who require prescription corrective lenses for the computer different than what is normally used are eligible for the additional pair of computer glasses on top of their normal prescription. Employees are eligible once every 24 months, or once every 12 months if the prescription has changed.

Here's an example of how this works:

Chris has always required glasses for seeing far away, and will be getting a new pair of everyday-glasses this year. Chris also works on a full-time basis in front of the computer, and his position is eligible to receive the computer glasses benefit. Chris has his HR office submit the Certification Form on his behalf and visits his eye doctor three business days after the form has been submitted. Chris' eye doctor completes his computer glasses examination and determines that a second, different prescription is needed. Chris can obtain his glasses for seeing far away AND the computer glasses at the approved amounts. If Chris selects anything over and above the approved amount, he is responsible for any remaining out-of-pocket expense.

Note: An employee obtaining glasses for working, who does not otherwise wear glasses, would not be covered by this provision.

Safety Glasses

Employees who are required to use safety glasses on a full-time basis, as determined by the departmental employer, and who use prescription eyewear are eligible for a pair of prescription safety glasses.

Employees are eligible once every 24 months, or once every 12 months if the prescription has changed. Employees may obtain either eyeglasses or contact lenses but not both.

Safety Glasses Benefit Summary (PDF)

To Be Completed by HR Offices Only:

To obtain the secondary prescription, eligible employees must have their HR office complete and submit the Specialty Glasses Employee Certification Form on their behalf. This form is not to be completed by the employee.

After the HR office submits the completed form, there is a processing period of three business days. The employee should not visit their eye doctor until the form has been processed. Once the form has been processed, the employee will have a 60-day window to visit their eye doctor and fill the prescription. A new form must be submitted if the employee does not visit the eye doctor within the 60-day period.