Individual Employee Assistance

From time to time, any one of us can use an objective viewpoint or a professional perspective in resolving a problem. ESP counselors are a resource for support and information during difficult times as well as for more day to day concerns. State employees and eligible family members can confidentially discuss their concerns with a counselor to help identify strategies and possible solutions. Individual consultations follow a four step process:

1. Clarification: Identify the problems and concerns as specifically as possible.

2. Identify options: What services, suggestions or resources may be helpful and how to connect with them.

3. Develop a plan of action: The ESP counselor will provide the employee with a written plan, summarizing their agreement on how they will work together and what additional services the employee will utilize.

4. Follow up: The ESP counselor will remain in contact with the employee, to ensure that the employee was able to receive the desired services and to see if there is any additional assistance that may be helpful.


The ESP counselor may refer an employee for mental health or substance abuse treatment services. Costs for these services are typically covered by the employee's health insurance and the ESP counselor can help the employee understand how to access this health care benefit.

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