Long-Term Care Insurance

Enrollment in Long-Term Care Insurance with Prudential is now closed

After an extensive review of its Group Long-Term Care Insurance (GLTCI), Prudential has informed the State of Michigan they have discontinued new sales of GLTCI policies. The primary reasons provided by Prudential are the continued low interest rate environment, the desire to achieve appropriate returns, to enhance long-term risk profile, and to further the company's longer-term goal of sustainable, profitable growth in its core group life and disability lines of business.


Current policyholders will continue to be covered under the terms and conditions of their Prudential long-term care insurance certificates, which are guaranteed renewable.

  • Your current rate is guaranteed not to increase through January 31, 2019.
  • The State of Michigan will continue to process payroll and pension deductions.
  • Existing employee and retiree participants will continue to receive inflation offers or automatic inflation increases and will have the ability to decrease coverage at any time.  Benefit increases are no longer allowed by Prudential.
  • Effective July 1, 2013, Prudential is no longer accepting new applications.
What is Long-Term Care Insurance?
Long-term care refers to a very broad range of medical, personal, and social services provided to minimize or compensate for a person's loss of physical and mental ability resulting from an illness, disability, cognitive impairment or frailties of old age, over an extended period of time.  Long-term care insurance helps pay for the costs associated with these kinds of services, whether at home, in an assisted living/residential care facility, adult day care center or nursing home.

Other Helpful Long-Term Care Insurance Information 

Prudential Long-Term Care Certificate

If you have questions about your Prudential Long-Term Care plan, visit www.prudential.com/insurance/longtermcare or contact the Prudential Group Long-Term Care Customer Service Center at 1-800-732-0416, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET, for assistance.

MetLife is the previous carrier for the State of Michigan Long-Term Care Insurance.  If you are enrolled in this plan and have questions about your plan, call MetLife Customer Service at 1-800-438-6388, Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm ET, for assistance.

Enrollment Opportunities for Individual Long-Term Care Insurance

Although the State of Michigan is no longer offering Group Long-Term Care Insurance to new participants, Employees and Retirees may wish to consider enrolling in Individual Long-Term Care Insurance directly through an insurance carrier.  Please visit the following Michigan.gov websites for more information: