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The Section 32p Block Grant combines funds formerly appropriated for Great Start Collaboratives in Section 32b and for Great Parents, Great Start in Section 32j. There are changes to the funding distribution for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 and to allowable early childhood services. The funding distribution is based on an "equitable" formula, as approved by the State Board of Education. For FY 2014, some intermediate school districts will be supported in their collaborative work by funds from the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) in addition to the state aid funds. More flexibility in services is allowed to meet the goals identified in each Great Start Collaborative's strategic plan. For more detailed information about the 32p Block Grant, please select from the following:

Final FY2015 32p Allocations PDF icon

2014-2015 Income Eligibility Guidelines PDF icon
32p FY15 Application (Excel format)
32p FY15 Important Information PDF icon
32p FY15 Certifications and Assurances PDF icon
32p FY15 Budget Help (Combined State and Federal Source) PDF icon
FY15 School Readiness Advisory PDF icon
FY15 32p Block Grant Presentation PDF icon

New 32p FY14 Legislative Report PDF icon
32p FY14 Allocation List PDF icon

32p FY14 Explanation of Equitable Distribution PDF icon
32p FY14 Important Information PDF icon
32p FY14 Certifications and Assurances PDF icon
32p FY14 ECBG Budget Help PDF icon
32p FY14 ECBG Federal Source Budget Help PDF icon
32p FY14 Application (Excel) - Steps to fix formatting issues on EC programming page PDF icon

Are you new to using Excel? Take 15 minutes and review this recorded webinar prepared by ECIC.
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A recording of almost two hours of information shared with Great Start Collaborative Directors and Parent Liaisons on August 20, 2013 is now available. To review this recorded webinar prepared by ECIC, click this link:



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