Michigan's School Accreditation System: Education Yes!

EducationYes! is Michigan's system for determining school accreditation status. The system includes components for student achievement, measuring both status and change, and a measurement of Indicators of School Performance. The 2003 EducationYes! Policy was approved by Michigan State Board of Education. Schools that have earned a letter grade in the Education YES! system are considered accredited by the State of Michigan. Also accredited are those by AdvancEd, MDE's collaboration partner for school improvement and accreditation. Please click the following link to view school letter grades and search for accredited schools:

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The Education YES! system requires certain reports to be completed by schools for accreditation status. Michigan law requires certain improvement and data/diagnostic reports also be completed by schools. The Michigan School Scorecards include compliance components for the completion of these reporting requirements. Below is additional information regarding the completion of those reports.

District- and School-Level Reporting Requirements
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