Secure Site Training and Resource Materials

The Secure Site is a web based application used for state assessments and accountability. The primary functions of the Secure Site are 1) Pre-identification of Students for both paper and pencil and online assessments, 2) Ordering paper and pencil tests including accommodated versions of the assessments, 3) Incident Reporting, 4) Review of Accountable Students and Test Verification, 5) Review and appeal of preliminary Score Card, 6) Review and appeal of Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO), 7) Retrieval of data score files and score reports. 

The Secure Site is available to authorized district and school personnel only.

 How do I get access to the Secure Site?

Secure Site User and Procedure Manual The manual is currently  being updated and not available at this time.
Spring 2017 Best Practices, MSDS Reporting Guide for Trouble-free Accountability Data The guide gives information to assist in submitting data in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) for assessment and accountability reporting. This guide should be shared with all student pupil accounting staff.


Approving, Creating, Modifying Users  Only district and school administrator level users of the Secure Site can approve access request made through the Secure Site, create a new user directly on the Secure Site, disable a user and modify a users access. This document also contains the assessment descriptions available on the Secure Site along with the role names and definitions.
Assigning Roles in Secure
Site for AMS & eDIRECT
AMS is used to manage the online testing for WIDA. eDIRECT is used to manage the online testing for MI-Access and M-STEP. Access to AMS & eDIRECT can only be given through the Secure Site.
User Request Access and Roles Requests for access to the Secure Site are done through the Secure Site by logging on to the site with your MEIS login and password. Request for additional access can also be done directly on the Secure Site.

Pre-Identification of Students

Overview of Pre-identification  
Early Roster Early Roster is a file that is submitted in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) by the district authorized MSDS user. This method of pre-identification can only be used for fall state assessments. At this time, only the Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessments (K-2) are given in the fall.
MSDS Copy MSDS Copy is a function available on the Secure Site and there is no need for access to MSDS. A user can copy student data from MSDS into the Secure Site for pre-identification of any assessment.

Pre-ID File Upload

     Pre-ID File Layout
     Pre-ID File Template

A .txt or .csv file can be created in our required format and loaded to the Secure Site. This can be used many students or just a few. This can also be used to add Reporting Codes and Research Codes to student records for reporting purposes. If using the template, don't forget to save it is as a .csv file prior to loading it to the Secure Site.
One Student at a Time/Student Search Using the Student Search function, students can be located and assigned to a school and a test cycle. You can search by name or UIC number, however a student MUST have a UIC number or they will not come up. If a student does not have a UIC number, please check with your district authorized MSDS user to get one.
Pre-ID Student Report You can run a report of students that are pre-identified for testing to ensure that all students have been included. You can also view the student demographics on this report, unassign a student from a test cycle and for WIDA ACCESS for ELLs you can easily locate a student's barcode number to be filled in on the students assessment.
Copy Students from from One MME Component to other MME Components for Pre-Identification - Mass Update Assessments Students taking the MME must be pre-identified to each component (SAT, Workkeys and M-STEP science and social studies) of the MME separately. This can be done by pre-identifying students to one of the components and then using the Mass Update Assessments page to copy them to the two remaining components as a group.
Copy Students from M-STEP Assessment to MI-Access Assessments for Pre-Identification - Mass Update Assessments OEAA will Pre-ID students to the general assessments. Schools will need to put students taking the MI-Access FI, P or SI into the appropriate test cycle. For students pre-identified by DAS, this can be done as a group on the Mass Update Assessments page.
Mass Update Assessments The Mass Update Assessments screen will allow a user to update assessment information for a group of students at a time. Students can be copied to a different test cycle, reassigned an assessment, unassigned from an assessment, change content areas to be assess, change the mode of testing (online or paper/pencil), add or update class/group codes, research code 1 and research code 2.
Online Sessions Students taking the Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark (K-2), MI-Access FI and M-STEP online need to be placed into an online session on the Secure Site or in eDIRECT. This document contains instructions for placing students in an online session in the Secure Site.
WIDA Screener and Kindergarten W-APT Score Entry After students have taken the WIDA Screener or W-APT, whether online or paper/pencil, schools will need to enter the scores into the Secure Site.



Material Ordering
Additional Material Order Additional paper/pencil materials can be ordered approximately two weeks prior to testing and through the testing period. You can find the dates that additional materials can be ordered on the Important Dates document on each of the assessment pages.
Initial Material Order Schools need to order materials for students taking a paper/pencil test. Schools administering the online M-STEP or MI-Access FI with no students taking paper/pencil tests do not need to place an order.
WIDA Initial Material Order This document walks a user through the initial material order process for WIDA ACCESS for ELLs



Student Scores/Reporting
Accessing Student Test Score Reports and Data Files Student test score reports and data files back to 2003 can be accessed through the Secure Site for all state assessments.
How to Access and View Spring 2016 M-STEP and MI-Access Preliminary Student Roster Reports

The Spring 2016 Preliminary Student Roster Report allows users to view student Preliminary Scale Scores and subscores (claim and/or discipline scores) by content area and grade for the 2016 M-STEP and MI-Access assessments.

How to Access and Navigate Michigan's Interactive Assessment Reporting Site A guide for navigating the Interactive Assessment Reporting Site and generating Spring 2015 M-STEP and MI-Access score reports.
Accessing New Student's State Assessment Scores Users can access a student's state assessment scores on the Secure Site, even for tests not taken at your school, once the school becomes the student's Primary Educational Providing Entity (PEPE).


Accountable Students & Test Verification

Accountable Students and Demographics - WIDA
This contains instructions for Verification of Enrollment and Demographics
for WIDA only

Updated 5/16/2017

Accountable Students and Demographics if a process to view student enrollment and demographics that will be used for assessment reporting and accountability. Changes to the Accountable Students and Demographic list can only be made through the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) by the district MSDS user.
Accountable Students &Test Verification - All Assessments
This does not include instructions for Verification of Enrollment and Demographics
specific to WIDA
The Accountable Students & Test Verification process is used to verify student enrollment and demographics for accountability calculations, verify online and paper/pencil answer documents have been received by the contractor, provide a reason a student did not test for federal reporting and possible accountability exemption.



Abbreviations The document contains a list of abbreviations and the full text used on the Secure Site.
District and School Contacts A list of district and school assessment coordinator contacts can be viewed on the Secure Site. Any changes to the assessment coordinator contact information must be updated in the Educational Entity Master (EEM) by the authorized district EEM user.

Incident Reporting


Early Literacy and Mathematics

Incidents, such as requesting a new online or paper/pencil test, reporting a student who is resuming testing for paper/pencil, reporting testing irregularities and misadministrations and more, will  be done on the Secure Site using the Incident Reporting page for M-STEP, WIDA ACCESS for ELLs, MI-Access and Early Literacy and Mathematics (K-2).

MSDS/Secure Site Data Flow Flow chart of the data from MSDS used on the Secure Site.
Online Waiver Request The document walks a user through the steps to request a waiver from testing students online and allowing students to test using paper/pencil. This is for WIDA, M-STEP and MI-Access Functional Independence. A request can only be submitted by a district administrator level user of the Secure Site.

WIDA Exceptions

         False LEP Guidance Document

An exception to WIDA testing can be submitted for students that are unable to take the WIDA due to a disability and students that were incorrectly identified as LEP (false LEP).

Introduction to Secure Site Powerpoint presentation from the 2016 Michigan State Testing Conference.
Instructions for Updating your Browser Instructions for updating your browser.




For additional questions about the Secure Site, email or call
877-560-8378 and press option 3