• Schools throughout the state are working hard to create healthier nutrition environments for students. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, or community member, it is important to get involved in school-based initiatives targeting the health of our children. If you have questions about School Nutrition Programs or Coordinated School Health and Safety Programs, please contact Whitney Vance, Nutrition Education Consultant, at (517) 241-4437.


    Nutrition Education

What's New?

  • Michigan Nutrition Standards Toolkit This toolkit will give you the resources you need to implement the Michigan Nutrition Standards. It is relevant to anyone involved with schools: teachers, administrators, parents, school nutrition professionals, counselors, social workers, school nurses, community members, and more.
  • Michigan Junior Chef Competition 2011 Cookbooks, pictures, videos, and more! The 2011 Michigan Junior Chef Cook-off Competition was held on May 11, 2011, at Michigan State University.
  • Michigan Nutrition Standards Competitive Foods Calculator Excel iconThis tool provides a summary of the nutrition recommendations for foods and beverages served outside of the USDA Child Nutrition Programs. Plug information from the Nutrition Facts label into the calculator to see if products meet the nutrition recommendations for competitive foods.
  • Michigan Nutrition Standards PDF iconMichigan Department of Education Recommendations for all Foods and Beverages Available in Michigan Schools. Adopted October 12, 2010
  • Model Local Wellness Policy PDF iconAdopted October 11, 2005

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