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What does it mean to be Career & College-Ready?

Career & college-ready students possess the skills necessary to earn a self-sustaining wage and participate in postsecondary opportunities without remediation.  This means that they:

  • Use technology and tools strategically in learning and communicating
  • Use argument and reasoning  to do research,  construct arguments, and critique the reasoning of others
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with a variety of audiences
  • Solve problems, construct explanations and design solutions

These characteristics of career & college-ready students are visible within the academic standards, including the arts and the CTE Career Ready Practices. Students that are career & college-ready are provided with opportunities throughout their K-12 education to use technology and tools; engage in argument, reasoning, and problem solving; and to communicate and collaborate.

CCR PortalThe Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is committed to preparing students not just for the opportunities we know about today, but also for the economic and intellectual challenges of the future.  The Michigan Career & College-Ready Portal is designed to connect educators with the resources and tools that can assist in helping students graduate Career & College-Ready. 

State Academic Standards

In June 2010, the State Board of Education adopted the new standards for K-12 Mathematics and English Language Arts. These standards improved upon Michigan's current standards (the Grade Level Content Expectations and the High School Content Expectations) by establishing clear and consistent goals for learning, and allow Michigan to work collaboratively with other states to provide curricular support to schools and educators.

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