Competency Based Pathways (CBP)

Competency-Based Education can help all students through flexible systems that support student success and allow for reporting of student competency that reflects student learning. Students advance upon demonstrated mastery of content reflected in the competencies that include relevant content. Competency-based education includes rapid and differentiated support based on individual needs; allowing students to attain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in careers, college, and citizenship. 

Reporting in Competency-Based Education
Digital "Badges" in Education

Examples of Competency-Based Education in Michigan
Do you use a competency-based approach in your district, school, or classroom?  MDE wants to hear about it!  Please contact Gregg Dionne at to connect with MDE and share the way you use a competency-based approach.

Achieve Partnership
Michigan partnered with Achieve and its Advancing Competency-Based Pathways initiative to promote our commitment to ensuring that all students graduate Career and College Ready (CCR). The Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) graduation requirements are already among the best in the nation; our challenge is now to support schools with instituting innovative ways to deliver content “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace,” as well as assess proficiency.