School Breakfast Program

The School Breakfast Program (SBP) provides cash assistance to States to operate nonprofit breakfast programs in schools and residential childcare institutions. It provides nutritious, low cost or free breakfasts to school age children in public and private schools, public school academies, and residential child care institutions throughout Michigan.

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School Breakfast Program Information 
      Breakfast Meal Pattern Information

  • Meal pattern document available upon request

      Breakfast Program Additional Information

  • Counting Breakfast Time as Instructional Time (PDF)   
  • Roster System at the Point of Service (DOC)
  • School Breakfast Point of Service Done Right (PDF)
  • Breakfast in the Classroom Standard Operating Procedure (PDF)
  • USDA School Breakfast Program Fact Sheet (html)
  • School Breakfast Program Considerations and Innovative Ideas (PDF)

Superintendent's “First Fuel” School Breakfast Challenge

  • First Fuel Breakfast Challenge Memorandum (PDF)
  • First Fuel Breakfast Challenge Presentation  (PPT)

School Breakfast Resources

       Breakfast Signage Samples

       Promotional Flyers – use the documents below to help promote breakfast in your school

  • Want to do better in class? Don’t skip School Breakfast! (PDF)
  • Fuel Up with School Breakfast! (PDF) 
  • Get Your First Fuel with School Breakfast! (PDF)
  • Did you know…School Breakfast Helps Kids Learn (PDF)
  • First Fuel School Breakfast Challenge Letterhead (DOC)

Support for School Breakfast– the handouts below provide information on school breakfast programs and the importance of eating school breakfast

  • American Association of School Administrators School Governance and Leadership Winter 2013 – An In-Depth Look at Breakfast Benefits (PDF)
  • Fuel Up For Brain Power (PDF)
  • Fuel Up For Health (PDF)
  • Nutrition Reports – Say Yes to School Breakfast (PDF)

      Presentations – the PowerPoint presentations below provide more detailed program information

  • Kicking Off the Day Right (PPT)
  • Universal Breakfast (PPT)

     Success Stories– sharing success stories is one of the best ways to inform others of what you’re doing in your school. Click on the links below to read about successful school breakfast programs or to post a success story of your own! 

     Websites – click on the links below to learn more about school breakfast efforts around the country