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Teaching in Taiwan Program and Chinese Language Teacher Exchange


Teaching in Taiwan Program

The Michigan Department of Education and the Taiwanese Ministry of Education have signed an agreement by which up to 15 experienced and newly certified Michigan teachers are given the opportunity to study and teach in Taiwanese schools for a full academic year (or a semester). The Taiwanese Ministry of Education provides Michigan's teachers with orientation training, housing arrangements, and wages comparable to their current salaries.

Each participating Michigan teacher is paired with a Taiwanese classroom teacher. In addition to providing English language instruction, the Michigan teachers work with Taiwanese educators to develop curriculum, prepare lesson plans and teaching materials, conduct classes, and evaluate student progress. This partnership offers a wide range of benefits to all involved:

  • Teachers benefit from the professional development that results from the exchange of instructional practices and strategies between Michigan and Taiwan.

  • Students from both nations gain greater knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of one another's culture, language, history, interests, and lifestyle.

  • Michigan and Taiwan both benefit from the expanded communication, collaboration, and cooperation that will result from this agreement.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on March 23, 2006.
Applications are being accepted for the upcoming academic year!

Teaching in Taiwan Application Package

Michigan teachers who are interested in the program should contact Krista D. Ried at 517-373-6791 or via e-mail at .

Teaching in Taiwan Flyer

Michigan Chinese Language Teacher Opportunity

The next step in this collaboration is to begin the recruitment of teachers from Taiwan to teach Chinese to Michigan students. With Michigan's focus on foreign language graduation requirements, internationalizing education and the global economy, this couldn't have come at a better time. School districts interested in hiring teachers from Taiwan should contact MDE immediately to begin the process.


Recruitment Authorization letter for Michigan Schools

Power Point Presentation- Overview (Taipei Economic & Cultural Office - Chicago)

Special Opportunity: The Ministry of Education in Taiwan is recruiting teachers for travel to Taiwan in August 2014. These placements are for 11 months, returning to the United States in June 2015.


What is the Teaching in Taiwan program?
This program provides Michigan elementary and middle school teachers the opportunity to teach English to students in Taiwan for one academic year.

When would I go to Taiwan? How long is the contract?
Teaching contracts are from 10 to 11 months, depending on your placement. The Taiwanese school-year is similar to Michigan's and would require teachers to travel to Taiwan in early August.

What would my responsibilities be in Taiwan?
Each participating Michigan teacher will be paired with a Taiwanese classroom teacher. In addition to providing English language instruction, teachers will work with Taiwanese educators to develop curriculum, prepare lesson plans and teaching materials, conduct classes, and evaluate student progress.

Who is eligible to participate?
Michigan teachers with one of the following credentials may apply to participate:

  • Elementary certification in K-5 or K-8;
  • Elementary certification with endorsement in a world language or reading;
  • Secondary license with K-12 endorsement in bilingual education, a world language or ESL;
  • An endorsement of a teacher license in bilingual education, reading specialist, middle childhood generalist, reading or ESL;
  • Pass a health examination, and have no criminal record.
  • How do I apply?
    Complete the application packet available from the website. Select three people to serve as references and give each a copy of the reference form from the application packet to complete and return to you.

    How many Michigan teachers will be accepted for the program?
    Traditionally, Michigan selects three to four teachers.

    How will I be compensated for my work in Taiwan?
    The Taiwanese government will provide Michigan teachers with housing stipends and wages. Monthly wages will be dependent on teaching experience and level of education, according to the following schedule (conversion to U.S. dollars is based on the current exchange rate and is subject to change):

     Holders of doctoral degrees:   NT$70,895-88,755/month
       = US$2,341-2,931/month
     Holders of master's degrees:   NT$67,925-84,290/month
     Holders of bachelor's degrees:  NT$60,890-75,550/month

    Will I have to buy a plane ticket?
    The Taiwanese government will provide each teacher (and his/her spouse or child) with a round-trip plane ticket to Taiwan.

    What kind of documentation will I need to travel to and work in Taiwan?
    You will need a current passport, visa and work permit. It is recommended that all applicants proceed to apply for a passport. It can take several (8-10) weeks to receive a passport once documentation has been submitted.

    What if I am selected and have signed my contract with the Ministry of Taiwan, but decide not to go after all?
    If, for any reason, a teacher cancels after they have signed a contract and the Ministry of Education purchased on confirmed a plane ticket, the teacher must pay the cancellation fee for the plane ticket (if the ticket has been confirmed) provided by Taiwan's Ministry of Education.

    How does a year in Taiwan affect a teacher's job status in Michigan?
    As an employee of a school district in Taiwan you would not be paying into STRS. You would need to work out a leave of absence with the district where you have a contract if you plan to return to that job after teaching abroad.

    Would a teacher need to resign or request a year's leave?
    You need to talk to your school district since hiring decisions are made at the local level.

    Is a school district obligated to keep your job for your return?
    It depends on the arrangements that you make with them.

    What about contributions to STRS?
    See above. If you secure a leave of absence from your district and return to the same district, you can purchase the year you were away by making monthly payments equal to what you would have paid had you remained in the district. You would have up to two years to do this. For further questions, call STRS at (888) 227-7877.

    Does Taiwan provide health insurance?
    Yes. It's about USD$ 60 per month.

    Are the American visiting teachers required to pay a Taiwan income tax?
    Yes. Starting from 2012, all K-9 teachers in Taiwan have to pay income tax. It is "estimated" that the tax will be about USD $160.00 totally for the first 6 months of 2012, which the host school in Taiwan will deduct from the salary. However, the actual rates/amount will be calculated by and depended on the guidelines of Taiwan's IRS.

    Whom should I contact for more information about the Teaching in Taiwan program?
    Contact Krista D. Ried, Michigan Department of Education, at or 517-373-6791.

    updated 1/23/2015