Future and Past Webinars

Administrator Webinar Series: Growing Professional Development with Evaluation Processes - Administrators as Advocates of the Profession

  • Session #1: Inter-Rater Reliability 
  • Session #2: Best Practices: Observation & Feedback Cycle and Crucial Conversations (pending)
  • Session #3: Sustaining Professional Development: Instructional Rounds (pending)
  • Session #4: Systems Alignment (pending)
  • Session #5: Preparing for the End of Cycle Evaluation (pending)
  • Session #6: Best Practices, End of Cycle Data Collection, Analysis, and Goal Setting (pending)


Educator Effectiveness Ratings


Educator Evaluation


Educator Workforce Research


Proud Michigan Educator Campaign Update Webinar Series


Student Growth


Teacher Webinar Series: Owning Your Evaluation


Other MDE Sponsored Webinars

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