• FlexRoute 23 Project LogoEvery day, 60,000 to 65,000 vehicles on average travel US-23 between the US-23/M-14 interchange and Silver Lake Road. Congestion and delays are common, especially in the southbound direction during the morning peak hours and in the northbound direction during the evening peak hours. To lessen the impacts of heavy directional commuter travel patterns and to promote safety, MDOT is making several improvements to the corridor.

    In 2017-18, MDOT will make improvements on the busy US-23 corridor from the US-23/M-14 west interchange north to Silver Lake Road.  The project, which underwent an Environmental Assessment (EA) study in 2014-15, includes:

    • Replacing the bridges at 8 Mile Road, 6 Mile Road and N. Territorial Road.
    • Repairing the bridges at Joy Road and Warren Road.
    • Upgrading acceleration and deceleration ramps at 8 Mile Road, 6 Mile Road, N. Territorial Road, and M-36.
    • Repairing pavement, including upgrading the median shoulder, along US-23 between US-23/M-14 and Silver Lake Road to improve traffic flow and promote safety.
    • Installing a Flex Route system to manage peak-hour traffic congestion.

Newsletters - 2017

New Flex Route system promotes traffic flow and safety

  • The new Flex Route system is a lane control system that uses cameras and electronic message boards to let drivers know when an additional lane is available for use during morning and afternoon peak travel periods.

    There will be six crash investigation sites built along the corridor that will allow traffic to continue uninterrupted when incidents occur on the freeway.

    The Flex Route system is monitored by MDOT’s Statewide Transportation Operations Center, through the use of expanded Intelligent Transportation System technology.

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