How to Apply

The application process for Pure Michigan Byway designation consists of the following two steps:

  1. The sponsor must verify that the route is on the state trunkline system. The road must be either an "M," "US," or "I" highway. In addition, the sponsor must have strong support from the area's local government units. This support is an indication of the willingness of the local units of government to develop and administer the management plans required for designation. The sponsor must prepare the pre-application form listing the noteworthy scenic, historic and recreational qualities of the route.

  2. MDOT will make an initial review of the proposed route's eligibility. If the route has potential, the sponsor will submit a full application pdf icon packet and be instructed to proceed with the process. Once completed and submitted, the application will be evaluated and if the road meets criteria, it becomes a "Pure Michigan Byway" Once designated, signs and promotional materials, including the Official State Map, will be used to direct travelers to the roadways.

Pre-Application Form

In addition to completing this form, please send a map of the roadway you plan to nominate to:

Contact Information


Route Identification
Supporting Groups' or Organizations' Names

What Is Special About This Road?


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