I-375 Environmental Assessment

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    I-375 was constructed in 1964 as a gateway to Downtown Detroit, and now, after over 50 years of use, the corridor needs to be reconstructed. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) working in partnership with the City of Detroit, are analyzing the corridor to determine the most appropriate fix. The pace of development and revitalization in Downtown has accelerated over the past several years. To match this progress, consideration to improving the area’s existing transportation infrastructure is underway. 

    In 2014, MDOT, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC), the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy (DRFC) and the city of Detroit completed a planning study to begin the evaluation of the I-375 corridor. This study resulted in the following project goals:

    • Enhance the transportation network and preserve safety
    • Support and enhance community quality of life
    • Enhance economic opportunities
    • Preserve environmental resources.

    These goals were used to develop six illustrative alternatives for the future of the I-375 corridor, and were developed from ideas discussed at public open houses and advisory committee meetings.

    Next Steps:
    Beginning in 2017, MDOT, the FHWA and city of Detroit will prepare an environmental assessment on the corridor, which includes the I-75/I-375 interchange, following the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. The Environmental Assessment will be a collaborative process led by MDOT that engages community stakeholders and leaders in an effort to investigate the previous alternatives and developed a preferred alternative for the corridor to provide improved transportation functions and fits into the city’s future vision. This has lead us to the I-375 Improvement Study. 

    News Releases:
    MDOT hosting open house to discuss next steps on I-375 environmental study in Detroit


  • May 2017 Open House

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