Commercial Bus and Limousine Information

  • Toward Zero DeathOn December 21, 2016, Governor Rick Snyder signed House Bill No. 4637 “Limousine, Taxicab and Transportation Network Company Act”. House Bill No. 4637 is now known as Public Act 345 of 2016 and becomes effective on March 21, 2017 and places the regulation of one (1) to eight (8) for-hire passenger vehicles under the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  Vehicles under Public Act 345 will need to register with LARA.  Applications will be available approximately three weeks prior to March 21, 2017.  Questions regarding this act may be placed at 517-241-9221 or by email at  The TNC website is

    Nine (9) and above passenger vehicles will remain under the Michigan Department of Transportation’s regulatory guidance and MDOT will ensure that for-hire passenger carriers obtain a certificate of authority, meet commercial insurance requirements, submit to yearly vehicle safety inspections, and pay the required fees in order to operate safely.

  • Motor Bus Transportation Act 432 of 1982 PDF icon
  • Limousine Transportation Act 271 of 1990 PDF icon